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Advocate for a strong & clear Zero Waste plan in Brookline!

Zero Waste is an important piece of targeting the climate crisis. A robust Zero Waste plan can help Brookline build a stronger local economy, protect public health, save valuable resources and help mitigate climate change. Did you realize that most of Brookline’s residential municipal waste is incinerated? Even non-recyclable plastics are incinerated, creating air pollution and toxic ash while wasting valuable nutrients from food waste.

Good news! Brookline has hired consultants to develop a Zero Waste plan as part of the Town's climate mitigation and adaptation plans. The consultants are actively developing goals and shaping priorities RIGHT NOW. Raise your voice to make sure the plan reflects our shared concerns!

Add your name to our letter outlining five recommended priorities for the Zero Waste plan. According to area experts, these are the five most important aspects of an effective municipal Zero Waste plan. 

DEADLINE: Sign our letter by 5 pm on Friday, July 9, 2021

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Dear Erin Gallentine, Commissioner, Brookline Department of Public Works; John Dempsey, Chair of Brookline Solid Waste Advisory Committee; Members of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee; and Dept. of Public Works staff,

As residents of the Town of Brookline with a strong interest in enacting and improving the existing Climate Action Plan, we recognize the importance of waste reduction as one of the five major mitigators of climate change. At this time our waste travels many miles only to be incinerated, resulting in toxic ash as well as air and water pollutants. We need to drastically reduce the volume of our solid waste in order to effectively minimize our climate impact. We recognize that municipal efforts alone will not solve the systemic waste problem and that policy changes are needed at the state and federal level to address the elimination of plastics, extended producer responsibility and an updated bottle bill among other issues. 

We recommend the following priorities be included in the Zero Waste plan for the Town of Brookline.

  1. Provide clear long- and medium-term goals, which are regularly measured: track waste and recyclables by weight, set strong targets, and impose consequences when targets aren’t met.
  2. Establish a path towards a ban on organics entering the trash stream.
  3. Establish a reuse policy at all schools and food service establishments, whereby all dine-in experiences use reusable dishes/cups/utensils; to-go meals are provided in certified compostable products, and incentives encourage reusables for to-go foods. 
  4. Establish a true Pay-As-You-Throw policy that requires users to pay for the actual amount of trash disposed, including bulky items.
  5. Establish a second-hand market for household and construction items; as well as repair clinics.

On behalf of the signatories below, we appreciate your consideration and encourage you to include all five priorities in the Zero Waste plan for Brookline.


Brookline Mothers Out Front

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