Inspiring Videos and Articles about Young Climate Activists



Below, we have listed a few links to learn more about the youth climate justice movement in the United States. We included a few inspiring videos from these leaders that can lead to some good conversations in conjunction with or separate from the Discussion Guide. If you have the ability to display videos, you can also use the links below to have a group conversation, or you can watch and reflect on them on your own time.


In young people’s own words:

To hear from some of the young people leading this movement, we have listed a few inspiring videos from young people demanding action from the world and the United States Congress, as well as Black climate and social justice leaders who have been at the forefront of the climate justice movement. You can watch the video on your phone, laptop, or tablet and reflect using the two questions in the box. 


Facilitating questions for any of the videos:

Questions in pairs or big group:

  1. What do you experience when you hear these young people’s words?
  2. If you had a chance to talk to them one-on-one, what would you say?



Youth-led climate justice organizations in the United States:

Three of the major youth groups in the United States are Fridays for Future USA, US Youth Climate Strike and the Sunrise Movement. Perhaps, there is a local chapter in your community that your team can support. You can find information for these youth-led organizations at the following links:



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