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On April 20, Kinder Morgan suspended plans for the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline.

Mothers Out Front joined thousands of people across the state to stop this huge, toxic, high-pressure pipeline project.

This is a huge win for all children, for protecting their health now and making a safe, healthy future possible.

There are FOUR more fracked gas pipeline projects proposed for our state. The largest of these is the Access Northeast project, south and west of Boston.

These projects are all part of much larger interstate projects to transport huge amounts of gas from where it is fracked in Pennsylvania through our state.

The larger pipeline projects are toxic industrial systems that include:

  • compressor stations, which adjust the pressure of the gas for transport
  • metering and regulating stations; valve stations
  • pipe cleaning or ‘pigging’ facilities
  • new and expanded gas power plants
  • storage facilities





They are not the future we want for our children!

Pipelines, compressor stations, gas plants and other parts of the system

  • leak methane, a potent greenhouse gas
  • emit toxic, carcinogenic chemicals that harm our health
  • can explode
  • impact some communities which have long been struggling with issues of environmental justice
  • destroy our natural environment
  • lock us into a future of using harmful, costly fossil fuels



They are being built to cover peak demand periods of only hours each year, not days or weeks. 

Our Attorney General reports that we don’t need new pipelines. We can reduce and manage demand with conservation and efficiency.



Utilities want us, the consumers, to pay for new pipelines.

  • We pay:  The charge would be added to our electricity bill.
  • They benefit:  Utilities own the pipelines and profit by selling the gas.
  • Our Governor approves: Baker is behind the idea.
  • This has never happened before:  The case is being contested by our allies in Supreme Judicial Court and by our Attorney General.

Let’s build renewable energy! It’s good for our climate, good for our health, and good for our children’s future. 



You—with other mothers, grandmothers, and allies—have a powerful voice to say NO to new pipelines.

We need your voice and your help! Mothers Out Front is:

  • showing up and testifying at hearings at the Department of Public Utilities to stop utilities from charging us for new pipelines
  • calling on our representatives and senators to pass legislation preventing these charges
  • protesting the pipelines
  • forging alliances in frontline communities where climate change and environmental destruction disproportionally impact
    • people targeted by racism
    • poor and working class neighborhoods



  • Sign up for action alerts to show up at an event or call your legislators:  email
  • Join us at hearings, rallies, and marches: See our calendar.
  • Be part of our task force that’s fighting pipelines!  Contact Susan Lees: lees.susan7 at gmail dot com        
  • If you are in a community along a pipeline route, join your friends and neighbors to stop the pipelines.



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