The Weymouth Compressor Station

Enbridge, a Canadian multinational energy company, wants to bring vast amounts of fracked gas from the Appalachian Basin through New England to Canada; from there, much of it will be exported. They can’t move the fracked gas through pipelines without compressor stations, which repressurize it along the way.

Compressors are usually situated in rural areas, but Enbridge wants to build a big one in a densely populated site at the mouth of the Fore River in Weymouth.

We aim to stop them in their tracks!

Residents of the Fore River Basin are leading this fight. It’s an environmental justice issue. It’s a public health and safety issue. And it’s a climate change issue. Please join us!




windows-media-player-play-button-hi.png   Call Governor Baker

Call the governor and urge him to stop the compressor. Let him know that you expect him to protect children’s health and citizens’ safety and move us away from fracked gas to renewable energy and a sustainable climate. Click here for our easy call-in action tool!

windows-media-player-play-button-hi.png   Make a Selfie Video

Lend your mom voice to this effort by making a short selfie video on “Why I Care About the Proposed Compressor Station in Weymouth.” Put it on our website and share it on social media by clicking here.


windows-media-player-play-button-hi.png   Canvassing and Outreach

Interested in meeting Fore River Basin residents and talking with them about this station and the threats it poses to human health, safety, and the environment? Canvassers will receive training and work in supportive teams. To find out more, e-mail Susan Lees: [email protected].


windows-media-player-play-button-hi.png   Join an Action

See our calendar for upcoming actions and events.


windows-media-player-play-button-hi.png   Stay Informed

To stay up-to-date on actions around the compressor, e-mail Susan Lees: [email protected].





What Is a Compressor Station?

Every 40 to 100 miles along fracked gas pipelines, compressor stations repressurize the gas.


Why We’re Against It

During day-to-day operations, compressor stations emit air pollution, noise, and odor, and during periodic “blowdowns,” millions of cubic feet of untreated fracked gas are released into the air.


  • The compressor threatens the health of area residents, including 3,100 children who live or go to school within a mile of the site. These communities have already been overburdened with industrial toxins for decades.


  • The fracked gas that would travel through this site causes devastating health impacts at its source in the Appalachian Basin. And its eventual storage sites in Canada threaten the health of nearby residents, including First Nations people. More fracked gas here in New England means more harm to these communities.



  • From beginning to end, fracked gas infrastructure releases methane, a “greenhouse gas on steroids.” Over a 20-year period, methane is 86 times worse as a heat-trapping gas than carbon dioxide and is a key contributor to climate change.






This is an opportunity to act locally for health, safety, and a livable climate. Please join us!

For any questions, please contact Susan Lees at [email protected]


To Learn More

Visit the FRRACS No Compressor website 

Visit the Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station Facebook page 


[Photo by Sam Doran, State House News Service]


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