WegoWise Signup

Mothers Out Front has partnered with WegoWise, a utility tracking software company, to help us track the reductions our members and participants are making in their home energy and water usage. 

Step 1: Getting Started

Go to www.wegowise.com.  Click the Get Started button on the upper right hand corner.  Click Multifamily (even if your home building isn’t a multifamily!)


Step 2: Create an Account

Skip the “Guided tour” offer and proceed straight to “Create an account now” by clicking the link at the end of the text.


Step 3: Create your Wegowise Account

In the Username field, create your username starting with mof, then you can add whatever username you’d like. For example, mofWestBrooksideHome.

Under Organization, add Mothers Out Front. Add a password and click Create My Account.


Step 4: Create a Development

Once you’ve created an account, you’ll see your Dashboard, which, for now, will have no information.

Click the link Create a Development.


Step 5: Define your development

Name your Development what you’d like, but start with the town or city where you reside, for example:

Cambridge - Brownsfield Home

Legal owner - you.
Tags: Mothers Out Front and your town/city.

Click Create Development.


Step 6: Define a building

For the development, you will Define a Building (this is your home). In the Address box, type in your address (usually works best without zip code). Click Search.


After you’ve clicked Search, the site will find your address and display it below the search box. Click the correct address link.


Step 7: Define your building’s features

Building nickname - use the Town/City then address format to help us sort your data. For example, “Cambridge - 45 Rindge Ave”.


Single-family residence? Yes
Even if you live in an apartment, a duplex, or any other non single-family home, for the purpose of this pilot, we’re treating your space as a single family home.


Complete your building’s features being sure to answer the Utilities & Fuels and the Systems questions. This will help the software guide you through the steps to add your utilities. Add systems for only the utilities that you pay - for example, if you live in a condo or multifamily building and the gas bill is paid by your association, skip the gas utility.


Click “Create Building” button on the bottom.

Please have your utility account information on hand - this includes your account number, login and password for your utility account(s). You can find your account number on your utility bill and setup a login/password on your utility’s website.

Step 8: Add Utility Accounts for your building

You will be taken to the Utility Accounts view for your newly created building and an error message will indicate that certain utility accounts are missing from the setup. Click Add Utility Account button to add the utility information such as gas and electricity.


Step 9: Adding Utilities

To add the Electric account, click Continue.


Once you’ve added the account number and details on the first screen, provide your login information for your electric account. Click Save Login.


For Eversource users, please select NSTAR / Eversource. If you don’t have your login information, open a new window and go to your utility’s website (such as www.eversource.com) and create a login. You can also reset your password with your utility if you’ve forgotten it.


Mothers Out Front volunteers and staff will not see your account login information. It is stored by Wegowise in an encrypted file accessible only by the algorithms that download your utility use data.

Step 10: Review Utility Accounts

Once you’ve entered all of your utility accounts, you will be able to view them on the Utility Accounts tab for your building.


Step 11: View Data

Under the View Data tab (next to Utility Accounts), you are able to see your usage over time.


Step 12: Adding Building Upgrades

Adding Building Upgrades (i.e. Changing light bulbs to LED, air sealing, insulation, efficient appliance upgrades) will allow you to see the impact of the changes you’ve made to your home on your gas, electricity or water consumption.


For example, has stopping phantom electricity loads produced the expected 5% reduction in your electric bill? The Building Upgrades tab will let you mark the time when you installed the upgrade and follow the subsequent reductions in energy use over the following year.


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