We smelled it from the pipeline

One of our volunteers, Ann Abrams, created this musical interlude for your enjoyment ahead of our meeting on November 1st on gas leaks. 

We Smelled it from the Pipeline

I bet you’re wonderin’ how we learned
‘Bout some money that you have earned
From all those gas leaks from underground
In 20,000 places all around our towns*

It took us by surprise, we must say
When we found out that WE pay


We smelled it from the pipeline
Don’t you know that this is NOT fine!
We smelled it from the pipeline
And our children’s health is on the line
This isn’t funny, no!

Tune: “I heard it from the grapevine” by  Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong.

Adapted lyrics by Ann Abrams.

*There are 3,500 natural gas leaks in the greater Boston area and over 20,000 statewide!...Gas leaks account for more climate damage than all the cars in the city. Gas companies, who supply this gas for our cooking and heating through old, leaking pipes, are well aware of these leaks. But they have no incentive to fix them because the lost gas is paid for by rate increases to consumers.  Citizens in the Boston area pay over $90 million dollars a year, enough to heat 200,000 homes, for leaking gas that damages our health and our environment.  

From Mothers Out Front  http://www.mothersoutfront.org/fix_massachusetts_gas_leaks

Our meeting on November 1st at 7pm at the Main Library in Brookline, on 361 Washington St. will cover gas leaks in Massachusetts and what action we can take on a town/city and state levels.   

http://mothersoutfrontbrooklinema.nationbuilder.com/gas_leaks_in_brookline (Link to be corrected).

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