WBUR: New State Regulation Could Cut Emissions From Natural Gas Leaks In Half, Report Says

A new state regulation requires utilities to identify these super leaks of methane gas! Two Mothers Out Front, Zeyneb Magavi and Debbie New are quoted in this article, as well as our friend Audrey Schulman from HEET!

In the words of Father Out Front and Professor Nathan Phillips regarding WBUR 90.9 FM's coverage linked below:

"Congrats to HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team)& the #GasLeakAllies for translating research to policy; to Margaret Cherne-Hendrick& Bob Ackleyfor key research; Gas Safety USAfor being first to raise the issue; & Mothers Out Front for engaging MA communities to fix this!"


GasLeaksSummit_PM_Zeyneb_Audrey_Jason_Debbie_groupshot.jpg        Gas_Leaks_Summit_Zeyneb_Audrey_Margaret.jpg

Zeyneb Magavi, Audrey Schulman, Nathan Phillips and Debbie New                                  Margaret Cherne-Hendrick, Zeyneb and Audrey


[embedlycard url="https://www.wbur.org/earthwhile/2019/04/01/natural-gas-methane-leaks-massachusetts-rule"]


Find out more about Mothers Out Front's work to support our friends in Weymouth, MA.


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