Walking the Talk at the US Conference of Mayors

Walking the Talk

Cambridge Mothers Out Front members were among the lively and vocal crowd gathered in Copley Square on the morning of June 8th to be sure that Marty Walsh and the other attendees of the US Conference of Mayors heard their message: that our cities need to be in the forefront of renewable energy innovation and infrastructure.

Mothers Out Front and other climate action allies were urging the mayors to Walk the Talk on climate by

  • Committing to 100% renewable energy and taking concrete steps to increase renewables now. For Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, that means implementing community choice energy.
  • Halting new fossil fuel infrastructure, including fracked gas.
  • Championing net zero construction for new buildings.
  • And divesting public holdings from fossil fuel.



Music Out Front performing for the crowd gathered for the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Boston, June 8th.




MA_USConfOfMayors_6-8-18_KJelstrup_DSC06718.JPG  MA_USConfOfMayors_6-8-18_KJelstrup_IMG_2640.JPG


MA_USConfOfMayors_6-8-18_KJelstrup_IMG_2642_CE.jpg  MA_USConfOfMayors_6-8-18_KJelstrup_DSC06723.JPG

- Author and photographer - Mother Out Front Kristine Jelstrup, Cambridge.

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