Rise to this critical moment: Get out the vote!

Thank you for watching and sharing stories of mothers (like Rebecca, below) urging us all to talk about climate, join others in climate action, and VOTE.  On this page, you'll find specific actions you can take right now.

Rebecca's story

With the presidential election around the corner, we're here to help you be #bolderandbraver. Let's get out the vote!

Individual actions you can take right now


Share this video with friends and family and talk about the importance of voting this year.  Use your voice, even if it’s uncomfortable. 

Use your voice, even if it’s uncomfortable. Take our Bolder & Braver Pledge  to call 5 friends or family members to talk to about voting.  Make sure they know where to vote and how to get a mail-in ballot.  If you know people in swing states, prioritize calling them. Ask each person you speak with to sign this pledge and keep our “voter chain” going.  

Help your loved ones. If you have a young adult or new voter in your life, help them register and get a ballot. Our children may have turned 18, but they still need us.  Likewise, if there is an adult in your life who needs help, start now to help them vote by mail.



Make sure you understand how your town or city is handling voting this year. Even if you plan to vote in person, educate friends and neighbors about mail-in voting. Help reduce confusion, which can be a barrier to voting.


Sign up using the form below for our Bolder Braver Brigade (name TBD) to support voter engagement among low-frequency voters and targeted mothers in Florida, North Carolina and other states.. 

We’ll be texting and having phone conversations with mothers in one or more target communities, where toxic fossil fuel infrastructure threatens the health of vulnerable families.  If you have just 15 minutes to spare, you can help inspire mothers in North Carolina and Florida. We’ll provide a sample script and guidance to get you going.

We are also writing postcards and making phone calls and texts with ReClaim Our Vote and the Environmental Voter Project. These nonpartisan organizations are working in XX swing states to counter voter suppression and ensure that all voices are heard. 

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Sign up here for more information. A volunteer will be in touch with you in a few days.

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