VIDEO: Arlington Mothers & Town Celebrate 1 Year of CCA!

On September 23rd, Arlington Mothers Out Front had a big event in Arlington to celebrate the anniversary of community choice aggregation and to publicize the many things Arlington has done in the move to sustainability.



(All photos by Christa Kelleher.)

Paint the Town Green and Celebrate Arlington’s Path to a Sustainable Future. 

They celebrated:


    MA_Arl_PaintTheTown_DSC_ChristaKelleherDSC_4924.JPG  MA_Arl_PaintTheTown_DSC_ChristaKelleher_4985.jpeg


  • Green Teams at every elementary school, a Green Team Coordinator and the 2018 Green Ribbon Schools recognition at the State and Federal levels
  • Arlington’s recent admission to the Metropolitan Mayors’ Coalition
  • Solar arrays on 6 public schools and real time production tracker on Town website
  • Progress since 2010 as a Massachusetts Green Community, including receiving grants totaling $1.6 million to improve the energy efficiency of town operations
  • and much more


    MA_Arl_PaintTheTown_DSC_4919_ChristaKelleher.JPG  MA_Arl_PaintTheTown_DSC_ChristaKelleher_5002.JPG

        MA_Arl_PaintTheTown_DSC_ChristaKelleher_4981_CE.jpg         MA_Arl_PaintTheTown_DSC_ChristaKelleher_5004_CE.jpg 


This video “premiered” at the event.  It is a great description of what CCAs are and why they are important. (Thank you to Brucie Moulton and Josh Katofsky for producing it!)


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