Urge AG Maura Healey to Say “No” to the Compressor Tax

National Grid, one of the buyers of the fracked gas running through Enbridge’s pipelines, wants to charge every gas ratepayer an extra monthly fee to cover the cost of the Weymouth compressor station, as well as their [National Grid’s] 14% ROI (return on investment).


It is outrageous for National Grid to force ratepayers to pay extra for a facility that they did not want or ask for, and for gas that will not be for local use (the fracked-gas that would run through the compressor station would be sent to Canada for international export).

This action is part of a week of action to shut down the construction of the Weymouth compressor station.

Join us in saying #NoCompressorTax.

Take Action:
  • Email AG Healey --  [email protected]. For a sample email, click here.
  • Call AG Healey’s Energy and Environment Bureau - (617) 727-2200 x2434. For a call script, click here.
  • Tweet at AG Healey -- @MassAGO. Use one of the tweets below or write your own! 
    • [email protected] please appeal DPU’s decision to grant a @nationalgridus contract that “pass[es] through the costs of the Weymouth Compressor Station to the Company’s ratepayers residing in the neighborhoods directly affected by the station’s construction & operation" #nocompressortax
    • .@MassAGO, please protect ratepayers from having to pay for @Enbridge's toxic compressor station. Join us in saying #NoCompressorTax.
    • .@MassAGO, as an advocate for the people of MA, please protect ratepayers from being ripped off by @nationalgridus and @Enbridge. They want ratepayers to pay for the cost of the Weymouth compressor station. This is unacceptable. #NoCompressorTax


Thank you to the frontline organization, Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS), for these graphics and actions.

Learn more about these Days of Actions. 

Learn more about the Weymouth Compressor Station. 

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