Update on Weymouth Compressor

Weymouth compressor station - update
On July 11th, 29 MA state senators sent a letter to Suuberg and Governor Baker the day before requesting a stop to the compressor station proposal. (That’s about 3/4 of all our Senators!!) This is excellent!

On July 12th, DEP Commissioner Martin Suuberg granted the Air Quality Permit, giving 'Enbridge the green light to emit carcinogenic pollution into the Fore River Basin’(apparently paying no attention to health and climate harms, nor to the fact that opposition is growing across the state!)

FRRACS responded to supporters:
As you may have heard, Commissioner Suuberg of the Department of Enabling Polluters has given the green light to the Air Quality permit based on the faulty judgement of the presiding officer.  This happened at 12:29 today.  Be assured that FRRACS will be seeing the DEP and Enbridge in court.  The Wetlands, Waterways, and Coastal Zone Management decisions are still pending.  This is in no way over.  And it will not be over until we tell Enbridge not to let the screen door hit them on the way out!  (etc)
Allies, following a Weymouth Solidarity call with FRRACS, were on alert and many immediately voiced their outrage, joined Saturday’s vigil on the Fore River Bridge, are following up on calling for an investigation of the DEP and are signing up for the FRRACS hosted NVDA training.  
Non Violent Direct Action training
Thursday, July 18th
The Democracy Center
45 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge
6:30 - 9:30 pm
Details of the Training and RSVPs at https://www.facebook.com/events/507607813343825/
Opponents are fiercely determined.  Momentum is building against this compressor across the state!  
If you can, please come together with FRRACS on July 18th at the Democracy Center.  (As most of you know, taking part in direct action doesn’t necessarily mean risking arrest. )

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