Twitter Storm for Gas Safety!

Join the Gas Leak Allies to send a message!

Social Media Campaign for Dec 11th, 11am -2pm

Natural Gas Safety Oversight Hearing



  • Change the conversation about "natural" gas to explosive gas.
  • Get Matt Beaton and Department of Public Utilities (DPU) to think about the transition away from gas (or hydrogen – also explosive.)
  • Trend on Twitter!


Target: @MattBeatonEEA (Secretary of MA Energy and Environmental Affairs who oversees the DPU)

Hashtag: #ExplosiveGas

Timing: December 11th from 11am to 2pm (during Senator Barrett’s Gas Oversight Hearing.)

To amplify your tweet, include:

  • @MassDPU (this is the site for the Department of Private Utilities – not the actual MA DPU)
  • @MothersOutFront

Follow on Twitter:

@MassBeatonEEA and @MassDPU so you can see responses


Sample Tweets (please edit with your own words for maximum impact!):


The safest energy choice of all is to get off of #ExplosiveGas and get it out of our homes @MattBeatonEEA @MassDPU @mothersoutfront


It’s time for @MattBeatonEEA to tell the @MassDPU to lead transition away from #ExplosiveGas to heat our homes and protect the PUBLIC instead of the Private Utilities. @MothersOutFront @350Mass



Put the PUBLIC back in the Department of PUBLIC utilities @MattBeatonEEA, we do not want #ExplosiveGas, we want #RenewableEnergy. @MothersOutFront


The @MassDPU is in charge of safety, #ExplosiveGas is not safe! @MattBeatonEEA please LEAD us on the transition to #RenewableEnergy #GreenNewDeal @MothersOutFront



Or make your own tweet, please use @MattBeatonEEA and #ExplosiveGas

If you are at the hearing, post pictures of the hearing or other creative picture or no picture is OK too.




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