Twitter Storm for MA Climate Legislation July 30th!


Moms are taking to Twitter today!

Let’s make sure our legislators know we're counting on them to come through with the clean energy legislation we need by tomorrow.


We're almost out of time before the MA legislative session ends. In the next 2 days, a committee of 6 legislators will decide how much and what kind of clean energy we’ll have.

On behalf of all children, it’s time for a final push from us as mothers. We’re taking to Twitter to demand these 6 legislators move us all swiftly and equitably from dirty energy to the clean, renewable power we need.

TWO bills could still move forward:

  • The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) needs to increase 3% each year.
  • The Environmental Justice bill needs to pass.

FUN FACT: Did you know it takes only 30 Tweets to get your legislator's attention?

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Sample Tweets (but your own words are better!)


OPTION (1) -- Mothers Focus

#CleanEnergy conference committee, be #ClimateHeroes this session! #MomsSayTime4ClimateLeg #RPSincrease @MarcRPacheco @BarrettSenate @RepBradJones @tomtipagolden @rephaddad @PatrickMOConnor @SpeakerDeLeo @KarenSpilka #mapoli  #WhyWeWontRest #MothersProtect @MothersOutFront

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I hear the voice of my great granddaughter, I know you do, too. #CleanEnergy conf comm @MarcRPacheco @BarrettSenate @SenatorOConnor @tomtipagolden @rephaddad @RepBradJones @PatrickMOConnor @SpeakerDeLeo @KarenSpilka #mapoli #MomsSayTime4ClimateLeg #WhyWeWontRest @MothersOutFront

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OPTION (2) -- Focus on RPS Increase

#CleanEnergy conference comm., pass 3% #RPSincrease, no trash burning. #GWSA mandate! #WhyWeWontRest @MarcRPacheco @BarrettSenate @RepBradJones @tomtipagolden @rephaddad @PatrickMOConnor @SpeakerDeLeo @KarenSpilka #mapoli #MomsSayTime4ClimateLeg @MothersOutFront

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OPTION (3) -- Focus on Enironmental Justice

[email protected] @Jeffrey_Sanchez @RepSteveKulik be #ClimateHeroes this session! Mass. needs enforceable #EnvironmentalJustice – pass S.426/H.2913 as written! #WhyWeWontRest #fossilfuelfree #mapoli #MomsSayTime4ClimateLeg #mothersprotect @MothersOutFront

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