Feb 7th - Tell Gov. Baker Our Children's Health Is Not For Sale

On February 7 from 12-2, join us on Twitter to demand that Governor Baker and his departments put the children of Massachusetts before his ties to the fracked gas industry.

Governor Baker’s recent “health impact assessment” for the gas compressor station Enbridge plans to build in Weymouth was a rubber stamp, not a real assessment. It seems as though the governor is more concerned with keeping Enbridge happy than protecting the people of Massachusetts. We demand he protect children before gas executives.

For the sake of the 3100 children living and going to school near the proposed site, we demand a real health impact assessment.

Governor Baker’s health impact assessment


Governor Baker also promised he would study safety and coastal resiliency before he approved the air quality permit...he did not!

It’s time to protect the children living near the proposed compressor site--and all children in Massachusetts--instead of the interests of the energy companies.

Learn more about the Enbridge compressor here or from the FRRACS website.


Tell Governor Baker that we don’t need any new gas in Massachusetts. We can’t build new gas infrastructure, especially without the comprehensive study on health and safety that our children and families deserve.


Let’s Take to the Tweets

If you have one minute, search for the #ProtectChildrenNotEnbridge hashtag and retweet or share tweets or posts.

If you have two minutes, tweet using the hashtag #ProtectChildrenNotEnbridge and tagging @MothersOutFront, @MassGovernor, and @FRRACS_MA. You can write your own message or use our samples below.

If you have five minutes, take a selfie and tweet it, explaining why you are demanding a real Health Impact Assessment for the Fore River Basin. Remember to use the hashtag #ProtectChildrenNotEnbridge and tag @MothersOutFront, @MassGovernor, and @FRRACS_MA.

If you have ten minutes, do all three!


On Twitter tag @MothersOutFront, @MassGovernor, @MassDEP, @MassDPH, and @FRRACS_MA

On Instagram tag @mothers.out.front and @massgovernor

On Facebook tag and @mothersoutfront, @CharlieBakerMA, and @ForeRiverResidentsAgainstCompressorStation


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Using your own words in a tweet has greater impact!


SAMPLE TWEETS (copy the text and paste to tweet)


[email protected], a “Health Impact Assessment” for Weymouth that ignores its own findings? Is this how you treat your constituency? Mothers demand a real health and safety assessment. #ProtectChildrenNotEnbridge . @MothersOutFront @FRAACS_MA @MassDEP @MassDPH


If my doc spent ⅓ of the usual time on an exam & tried to diagnose me, I’d want a new one. @MassGovernor, you did just that w/ Enbridge compressor in Weymouth. @mothersoutfront demands a second opinion: a real assessment #ProtectChildrenNotEnbridge @FRRACS_MA @MassDEP @MassDPH


Mothers don’t rubber stamp & neither should elected leaders. There are 3,100+ children near the proposed Enbridge compressor station. @MassGovernor, it’s time for a real assessment on health and safety. #ProtectChildrenNotEnbridge. @mothersoutfront @FRAACS_MA @MassDEP @MassDPH


.@MassGovernor promised to “achieve a conclusive & definitive understanding of...flooding & inundation risks…& potential effects of future sea level rise" for the Weymouth compressor. Did he forget? @mothersoutfront @FRAACS_MA @MassDEP @MassDPH #ProtectChildrenNotEnbridge


[email protected] it isn’t hard to show you want to #ProtectChildrenNotEnbridge in Weymouth. A real health impact assessment and safety and flooding study would do it. @mothersoutfront @FRAACS_MA @MassDEP @MassDPH



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No Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? No problem. Email your message and photo to [email protected] to post.

Thank you for adding your voice to ours for the sake of the Fore River Basin and children all over Massachusetts!


WHY: Twitter is a like a public forum where politicians, media, and everyday people can exchange thoughts and ideas. When we post our stories to social media like Facebook and Twitter, we create our own press!

WHAT: Twitterstorm: (n) A twitterstorm is a sudden flurry of activity about a specific topic on Twitter. It can be particularly powerful to get the attention of moms who aren’t (yet) members of Mother’s Out Front, media, and our targets.



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