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This September 13th is the one-year anniversary of the gas disaster in the Merrimack Valley. We’re mindful that a year later, the three affected communities are still recovering and working to move on. We’re also aware that three to four gas explosions and fires happen each year across Massachusetts, with many more beyond our state borders. Our reliance on gas means we’re rolling the dice with public safety as well as our health and climate.

In response to the Merrimack Valley and Governor Baker’s subsequent call for a comprehensive assessment of the gas distribution system the Commonwealth, the Gas Leaks Allies is releasing Rolling the Dice: Assessment of Gas System Safety in Massachusetts.

The report urges state and local government as well as gas companies to adopt a strategy of triage and transition to fix the worst leaks while moving rapidly and equitably to safe energy sources. It includes many actionable recommendations to enhance public safety now and in the near future. 

Mothers Out Front is proud to participate in the Gas Leaks Allies and urges you to share this report widely.

Please also call your legislator to support the FUTURE Act (H.2849, S.1940) that provides a pathway to shift us all away from gas to safer, healthier, affordable renewable energy. Tell them Mothers Out Front and the Gas Leak Allies sent you! Learn more about the FUTURE Act here.





  • Writing your own tweet has the most impact!
  • Tweet a selfie (pic) with a sign saying what you think about the report #RollingTheDice.
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Accounts to tag/notify in your tweet:

▪ Twitter: @MassEEA, @EEASecretary (Kathleen Theoharides)@mothersoutfront


▪ Hashtags: #RollingTheDice #SafeEnergyNow #NoMoreExplodingGas


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  • Parents work so hard to nurture & support our children. Why should the energy we buy put our health & lives at risk? @MassEEA, stop #RollingTheDice with our safety. Read the report at - start making the change we need. #SafeEnergyNow #NoMoreExplodingGas



  • Merrimack Valley gas explosions one year ago but @MothersOutFront knows we need to do more to keep our children safe. @EEASecretary, let’s stop #RollingTheDice. Help us protect our kids and get to #SafeEnergyNow



  • MA is #RollingTheDice on gas safety. 1 year after the Merrimack Valley explosions, that kind of disaster could still happen in any community with any gas company. @MassEEA can change that with recommendations from the gas safety report. #SafeEnergyNow



  • We’re #RollingTheDice on gas safety. One year after the Merrimack Valley explosions and that kind of disaster could still happen in any community with any gas company. @EEASecretary can lead MA to triage the gas system and transition to #SafeEnergyNow.



  • 3 to 4 gas explosions happen every year in MA. We are #RollingTheDice while still using explosive gas to heat homes & cook food. @MassEEA: Our families deserve better, our children need a safe, healthy & a livable climate. #SafeEnergyNow @MothersOutFront



  • New report has over 50 recommendations for what we can do now & how to start using #SafeEnergyNow. We protect our children in our families. @EEASecretary can protect all children and all families. #NoMoreExplodingGas @MothersOutFront



  • Merrimack Valley explosions 1 year ago but communities are still afraid. We need to take action on 50 recommendations from #RollingTheDice, a new report on gas safety in MA. @EEASecretary, help us protect our kids & get to #SafeEnergyNow @MothersOutFront



  • #NoMoreExplodingGas. @EEASecretary can increase oversight and change gas company practices. Prioritize safety now. Fix the worst gas leaks. Start moving to #SafeEnergyNow. New report shows how. @MothersOutFront


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