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The Bedford MOF Transportation Circle is a new initiative whose primary goal for 2020 is to educate ourselves on current transportation projects within town, assist local committees in their work to reduce traffic and therefore greenhouse gas emissions and to learn about projects regionally, nationally and globally to inspire new ideas to the ongoing challenge of traffic in and around Bedford.


We are focusing on growing connections within the town and region by reaching out to various committees and institutions to introduce ourselves and find out what they are currently working on. Renu and Janet attended the Minuteman Advisory Group on Interlocal Coordination (MAGIC) transportation meeting on 2/10 to get a better understanding of regional efforts to electrify municipal fleets, electric school buses and even municipal lawn care equipment.


We are attending the next TAC (Transportation Advisory Committee) meeting on 2/19 and have plans to reach out to our Planning Board, Department of Public Works, School Committee, Select Board and local religious organizations. We welcomed Sue Weidman, a new member, to our last meeting and invite anyone else to our circle who is interested.


Marge Heckman has posted a brief message and link to the 128 Business Council transportation survey found on Bedford’s Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) website to local churches email lists and the general MOF email list.

There is a new google doc in our Transportation folder where we are collecting interesting articles and reports and will ultimately be sharing new ideas after we have done our research. We are also reaching out to Bedford Housing Authority and Youth and Family Services and researching public transportation options.

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