Three Actions to Take June 15-19

Mothers are a powerful force at the intersection of COVID-19, racism, and climate. Below are three opportunities to use your power this week:

First, please write and call your Massachusetts State Senator TODAY about the safe and fair election bill S. 2755. 

Second, use social media on Thursday 6/18 to say now is the time to plan for getting Massachusetts off gas.

Third, support Black Lives Matter and environmental justice on Juneteenth, Friday 6/19.

1. Today! Call your Senator about S. 2755, for safe and fair elections for all (find their contact information here). Here's an easy way to write them to support the bill and to vote for these amendments TODAY. We previously asked to call your Reps when this legislation was up in the House. Now we are pushing to fix some issues through amendments in the Senate.

  • Amendment #3, to strengthen the online portal for requesting ballots.
  • Amendment #8, safeguarding equity to ensure that all ballots sent before or on Election Day in November will be counted. 
  • Amendment #33, to give voters enough time to request their absentee ballot. 

2. On THURSDAY 6/18: Support the Attorney General's Office (AGO) on social media to amplify the importance of the AGO petition to the Department of Public Utilities to plan for a transition off gas that doesn't burden environmental justice communities.

TARGET: @EEASecretary, Department of Energy and Environmental Affairs
MESSAGE: Our state pathway to 2050 MUST address our GAS SYSTEM. (and thanks @MassAGO)  
HASHTAGS: #BeyondGas #MAGasPlan #SafeEnergy4All
COPY: @MassAGO and @MothersOutFront
IMAGES/LINKSGas leaks maps, dead trees, or other images that show dangers of natural gas


  • Without a plan, EJ communities will be handed the bill and shareholders will walk away. @EEASecretary you can’t let this happen. Thank you @MassAGO  #SafeEnergy4All #MAGasPlan #mapoli @MothersOutFront
  • Thank you @MassAgo for petitioning the DPU to investigate the future of the natural gas industry so we can meet our climate goals and protect our kids! #BeyondGas #MAGasPlan #mapoli @EEASecretary @MothersOutFront 
  • Thank you @MassAGO for shining a light on the burden that gas pipes will put on low-income and EJ communities. @EEASecretary @MothersOutFront #MAGasPlan #SafeEnergy4All #BeyondGas #mapoli

3. On Friday 6/18: Commemorate Juneteenth with nationwide events and social media

Want to go beyond being a White ally to being an accomplice in dismantling anti-Black racism? Sign up for the June 17th training by Mothers Out Front National staff here.

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