Tell the DEP that P is for Protection, not Pollution!

Our officials need to do a real health impact assessment for the proposed Weymouth Compressor Station.


Take Action, Thursday, November 15th to protect our families.

Enbridge plans to build a polluting compressor station in the Fore River Basin, a densely populated area. Compressor stations are typically built in rural areas on dozens of acres of land. This one would be on four acres next to eight other industrial facilities. Compressor stations have a history of accidents and emit 10 cancer-causing pollutants, among other pollutants. To learn more about the background on the Weymouth Compressor Station, click here.

The recent health impact assessment (HIA) was not sufficient. (To read more about the concerns click here.) It showed the potential for increased pollutants in an already polluted area, yet says to go forward. Current air pollution in the Fore River Basin already exceed state limits, yet our government is not cleaning up the pollution; they are advocating for more! We need a non-biased HIA for the Weymouth Compressor Station. Please join us in supporting our allies Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station and Massachusetts residents who would have to live near this hazardous station.

Governor Baker and the Department Environmental Protection (DEP) need to protect families, not pollute our air with formaldehyde, benzene, particulate matter, and nitrogen oxides. We need a DEP that protects the public, not pollutes it! 

We need YOU!


  • Show Up! There will be a Health Impact Assessment Community Meeting at Quincy High School, 100 Coddington St, Quincy, MA about 0.3 miles from the Quincy Center T-Stop. Parking is available in the back of the high school.
    • 6-7:00 pm Stand-in outside the high school. Signs will be provided!
    • 7-9:15 pm Meeting
  • Join our Tweet Storm 5pm to 9pm to tell Gov. Baker and the DEP that we don’t want a rubber stamp on pollution.


To get the most attention, we’ll all send our messages from 5pm to 9pm with #ProtectNotPollute. Don't forget to tag @massgovernor, @MassDEP, @MattBeatonEEA, and @MothersOutFront on Twitter. For Instagram tag @mass_dep @massgovernor @mothers.out.front #MattBeatonEEA and for Facebook tag @charliebakerMA @mothersoutfront #MattBeatonEEA.

Here’s how to help, whether you can come to the meeting or not:

If you have one minute find the #ProtectNotPollute hashtag and retweet or share tweets or posts.

If you have two minutes tweet using the hashtag #ProtectNotPollute and tagging @MothersOutFront, @MattBeatonEEA, @MassGovernor, and @MassDEP. You can write your own message or use our samples below.

If you have five minutes take a selfie and tweet it, explaining why we need a real HIA. Remember to use the hashtag #ProtectNotPollute and tag @MothersOutFront, @MassGovernor, @MattBeatonEEA, and @MassDEP.

If you have ten minutes do all three!


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SAMPLE POSTS (but using your own words is great, too):

P is protection, not pollution @MassDEP. Protect our air from the #WeymouthCompressorStation. @MassDPH do a fair health impact assessment for the #ForeRiverBasin @MassGovernor @MattBeatonEEA. #ProtectNotPollute

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Our government agencies are supposed to PROTECT the public. Join @MothersOutFront and me in asking @MassGovernor, @MattBeatonEEA & @MassDEP for a fair health impact assessment for the #ForeRiverBasin.  #ProtectNotPollute

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Current air pollution in the #ForeRiverBasin exceed state limits and yet, our @MassDEP is not cleaning up the pollution; they are advocating for more! We ask them to #ProtectNotPollute @MassGovernor @MattBeatonEEA. @MothersOutFront demands clean air for our kids

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Listen to your @mothersoutfront. Massachusetts needs to lead on clean air for our kids. Yet our @MassDEP wants more air pollution for the #ForeRiverBasin. We ask you to #ProtectNotPollute @MassGovernor @MattBeatonEEA

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The health impacts assessment for the #WeymouthCompressorstation wasn’t done according to protocol. Why? @MassDPH we demand a fair health impact assessment! We ask @MassDEP to #ProtectNotPollute. @MassGovernor @MattBeatonEEA

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Protect our air. Protect our kids from asthma. Protect our families from cancer. We ask @MassDEP to #ProtectNotPollute. @MassDPH do a fair health impact assessment for the #WeymouthCompressorStation in the #ForeRiverBasin. @MassGovernor @MattBeatonEEA.

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Thank you for adding your voice to ours for the sake and safety of all our children!

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