Task Force Evaluation Questions

What is the mission of your Task Force?  How does your mission align with the 3 year strategic framework chosen in 2015?

Has the mission or scope of your work changed since you were formed? If so, how?

What campaign “impact goals” has your Task Force sought to achieve since it was formed? By “impact goals,” we mean what specific change(s) do you want to achieve? What’s the desired end result?

For each impact goal you have identified, how did you define success? How close have you come to success?  

What’s worked well? What obstacles have you encountered?

Do you have ideas/ reflections on how we can best overcome the obstacles you’ve identified?

How have your campaigns built engagement and leadership within Mothers Out Front? (We often call these our “people goals.”) Can you point to particular successes in building engagement and/or leadership? Have there been missed opportunities or attempts that didn’t succeed?  

Has your Task Force itself been a place where leadership is shared and new leaders are developed? Do your structure and meeting practices foster or hinder that?  

What supports have you needed from the rest of Mothers Out Front to pursue your  statewide goals? For example, engagement of community teams, house party team, staff guidance, logistical support, use of the database, training, social media support, money, et, al.

Looking toward 2019-20 …



  • What changes does Mothers Our Front need to consider so that we can be successful in achieving big statewide wins?  Are there things we should not change?



  • What criteria do you think Mothers Out Front should use when setting statewide goals and priorities?


Feel free to include additional reflections on the next page.

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