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  • CLF: Gas Explosions Show How Dangerous The Fuel Is

    From our friends at Conservation Law Foundation, written by Bradley M. Campbell—read the case for why it's time to break our addiction to fossil fuels.

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  • Sarah Partan: ‘Why I chose to join Mothers Out Front’

    Thank you to Mother Out Front Sarah Partan of Amherst for #UsingHerMomVoice and congratulations for getting published!

    "It is time for us to leave gas in the past and make a rapid transition to renewable energy for our own immediate safety, our families’ health, and the health of the planet.

    That is why I chose to join Mothers Out Front, a nonpartisan movement working to swiftly transition our society to renewable energy. I encourage you to join too, or join another group working toward solutions. Or help by urging your school, your gym, your place of worship or your grocery store to switch to renewables."

    Read more here:

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  • Helping communities after the Merrimack Gas Explosions

    "Thousands of residents were evacuated after the explosions last Thursday. Most were allowed back into their homes on Sunday, but while many had electric power, they might not see their gas service restored for weeks. …

    Enter The Gas Leak Allies, a group including Mothers Out Front to HEET along with other environmental groups and scientists such as Philips and Boston resident John Lerner. One of their long-term projects is to introduce induction stoves as a safer, more environmentally friendly alternative to gas cooking, but the gas disaster gave urgency to their work."

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  • With Legislation Pending, Town Hall to Address Climate Change in JP on July 12

    Mothers Out Front Jamaica Plain is keeping the pressure on!

    Following a landmark 35-0 vote, the Massachusetts Senate passed a comprehensive climate bill on June 14 aimed to “promote a clean energy future.” Now the bill’s future lies in the hands of the Massachusetts House. The legislative session, and the bill’s chances for passage, end on July 31.

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  • Brookline Team using “Ghost Trees” to pressure National Grid on gas leaks

    Mothers Out Front in Brookline #InTheNews!

    The signs are the product of Mothers Out Front Brookline, a group of “mothers and others” attempting to bring attention to non-lethal gas leaks. These leaks are responsible for the death of approximately 400 trees throughout Brookline, according to Brookline Mothers Out Front. Each of the signs mark spots where trees have died due to gas leaks from Brookline’s deteriorating underground pipeline system.

    “There’s no real incentive to change that for a gas company,” said Brookline Mothers Out Front member Susan Helms Daley, who helped spearhead the ghost tree initiative. “So we’re trying to bring some awareness to this issue because it’s really the public who can bring pressure to the gas companies.”

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  • Column: Mother’s Day Inspires Climate Activism

    Mother Out Front and Columnist Felicia Mednick shares what Mother's Day means to her:

    As a part of honoring the mothers in our lives, and as members of Mothers Out Front, we honor the many women who have organized mothers to take action. They give us strength to face the climate crisis, to raise our voices, and to organize. They took their messages to their communities, to the streets and to the halls of government.

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  • Local moms rekindling the radical spirit of Mother’s Day - Arlington

    Thank you to Mothers Out Front Arlington for your inspiration!

    "Mother’s Day dates back to the 1850s in the part of Virginia that would soon become West Virginia. There, Anna Reeves Jarvis organized Mother’s Day work clubs to improve sanitary conditions for children. These women worked to lower infant mortality by fighting disease and curbing milk contamination. They also championed ideals of compassion, unity and peace, tending to wounded Civil War soldiers, Confederate and Union, and holding “Friendship Day Picnics” to bring together former foes.

    Fast forward to 2018, and Arlington mothers say they are carrying on this spirit with action. While they may set aside a few hours to honor their own mothers, they say this is a time to unite for their children."

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  • Local Moms Rekindle the Radical Spirit of Mothers’ Day (Bedford)

    Find out more about Bedford Mothers Out Front here!

    Mother’s Day may be known for flowers, chocolates, and breakfast in bed, but the holiday has activist origins and a group of mothers in Bedford is reclaiming these roots.

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  • A Guide to Boston Mothers’ Facebook Groups

    Thank you to Boston Magazine for including Mothers Out Front!

    "Boston mothers’ groups have political sway, can rally their ranks at a moment’s notice, and have the power to make or break a local business with a single post. Here’s how to get on their good side."

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  • BEDFORD: Net Zero Funding Approved in Article 2

    "Bedford Mothers Out Front is pleased to report that Bedford’s Special Town Meeting approved funding to develop a Net Zero plan for Bedford. So many voters attended on Monday night, Nov 6, that they overflowed the high school auditorium and had to be accommodated in the library and additional classrooms."

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