Sustainable School Initiative

Advocating for clean, healthy, smart schools in Concord

Our Goal

Integrating sustainability into Concord's school system

Mothers Out Front knows that schools powered by renewable energy are safer, healthier, and smarter for our kids.  We know that embedding sustainability principles in our educational system will better prepare students for the challenges posed by climate change.

Concord is in the process of designing a new Middle School to replace two aging buildings.   This is an opportunity for Concord to build its first Net Zero School and become a leader in energy efficient school design.  That is why we are keeping sustainability in the spotlight by pushing for a high-performance, energy-efficient middle school.

We are also partnering with allies to reduce cafeteria food waste, purchase electric school buses, and integrate sustainability into the curriculum.

Get Involved

Want to help with this initiative?

Join our chapter and volunteer with the Green Concord Group.  Here are some ways you can be involved, and remember no contribution is too small!

  • Shirt up and show up: Represent Mothers Out Front at key school meetings and functions
  • Become a Net Zero School Advocate: Build community support for Concord’s first Net Zero school by attending building committee meetings
  • Become a Sustainable School Ally:  Join the team partnering with administrators, educators, and students to foster sustainability in public school system

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