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Thank you to the 57 attendees of the Strategy Summit, held Saturday, Oct 20th, for your dedication, creativity and care when thinking about our statewide direction for the next couple of years. Of our 18 community teams, 13 were represented at the Summit. The decision making was expertly facilitated by Edith Buhs and Anne Wright. We thank all the proposers for the time and thought they put into their proposals.

Statewide Campaign

We are pleased to announce that, in response to strong support from participating community teams, the 2019-2020 statewide strategy for Massachusetts Mothers Out Front will focus on a campaign based on the Beyond Gas and Pipeline proposals. We are indebted to the Gas Leaks and Pipelines Task Forces for the tremendous accomplishments they have achieved over the past 3 years, which we will be building on for our next two year strategy.

As a key next step, the MA Leadership, Statewide Strategy, and Structure Teams will convene a conversation(s) that will include representatives from the Gas Leaks and Pipelines Task Forces, as well as from across MA Mothers Out Front to focus the selected statewide campaign further regarding:

  • Impact & people goals of the campaign
  • Creation and design of a campaign committee and decision-making guidelines
  • Charge for the campaign committee

This conversation will also begin the process of shaping this campaign to ensure it meets our three main criteria for meaningful impact, building power, and providing a meaningful role for mothers and mothers' voices.


Summit_Sue_and_Ann_proposing.jpgContinuing Work and Volunteer Opportunities

Legislative Team Opportunity: The carbon pricing proposal had strong support from the community teams at the Summit and several bills were included in the original Gas Leaks and Pipelines proposals. However, given the need to consider all legislative possibilities in greater detail, Summit participants decided to create a MOF Mass Legislative Team that is empowered to select a maximum of 3 bills to champion in the upcoming state legislative session.

If you're interested in being a part of this new legislative team, please let Andra Rose, [email protected], know.

Structure Committee Opportunity: The Structure Committee is developing a new governance and committee structure that brings the power of our grassroots organization together to make key decisions and monitor statewide strategy. To learn more, please contact Anne Wright, [email protected].

Study Group Opportunities: There are also various study group opportunities.

  • Regenerating Earth’s Carbon Sponge; for more information contact Melissa Ludtke, [email protected].
  • Transportation; for more information contact Andee Krasner, [email protected].
  • Reducing food waste; for more information contact Carolyn Weaver, [email protected].

You can read more about the study groups and Strategy Summit campaign proposals on the Mothers Out Front website.  

Summit_small_group.jpgThank you again to everyone who contributed to the successes of the Strategy Summit. There were moments of levity and laughter too throughout the day, which is a testament to the supportive and entertaining vibe in the air. The MA Leadership Team has created this feedback form about the strategy process so far, so that we can learn what everyone found helpful, inspiring, challenging and what could be done differently as we continue.


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