Suggested Timeline for Holding an Event


The suggested timeline is intended to help your teams map out activities planned to build participation and support for the September 20 strike. The goal is to support your outreach efforts and thinking around mapping out an ArtBuild or a parent gathering/teach-in. Feel free to refer to it, or use the template to create your own timeline. 


August 26 - August 30

  • Review toolkit & decide with your team what event you will be planning (i.e.,Art Build, or parent group conversations/teach-in)
  • Decide on a date and location
  • Focus on back-to-school outreach: what events are taking place in your schools?
  • Brainstorm an outreach list for meeting new moms/parents
  • Post your event on your Facebook page or NationBuilder


September 2 - September 8

  • Continue your outreach to new moms/parents (1:1 conversations, school events, grocery stores, etc).
  • Use buttons or fliers at back-to-school functions to draw people to your event 
  • Create a short program for the Art Build or group discussion/teach-in. 


September 9 - September 13

  • Review the program for your event & logistics
  • Outreach, outreach, outreach 


September 16 - September 20

  • Good week to hold your group discussion/teach-in
  • Call people to remind them of your event. 1:1 conversations are the most effective way to get most participation

September 20 - September 27

Week of Climate Strike Actions 

Important event dates:

Support any of these local climate strike events and bring new moms with you.

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