Statewide Strategy Planning

Planning for 2019-2020 has begun, and you are an important part of it. Because of all of the hard work of our volunteers over the past five years, Mothers Out Front has become a powerful force in Massachusetts. As we look forward, we want to wield our power wisely and decisively as we work together for the future our children deserve.

The Massachusetts Leadership Team has formed a Statewide Strategy Process Planning Team to guide this work. We are organizing this work into three parts:

  1. Evaluating our current statewide campaigns, including how state and local campaigns support each other
  2. Gathering ideas to consider for future campaigns
  3. Looking at the organizational structures that support our work

Mothers Out Front is five years old, and we have come a long way. But we know we have to get stronger, wiser and more powerful in the next five years to fight the outsize influence of the fossil fuel industry, to persuade our public officials to take bold action, and to draw more people to our movement.  We need to learn to think and act more strategically to win bigger. This is what the Statewide Strategy Process Planning Team has in mind, and we need you to be part of this process.

First, we want to gather reflections on how the the current campaigns are working and what we have learned. Determining how strategic our current work has been and how it might go forward is a vital element of this process. The Statewide Strategy Process Planning Team developed discussion questions for task forces to use to evaluate themselves. We are also gathering information in 1:1 meetings, coaching meetings, group conversations, and a survey of local teams and functional teams. This evaluation work will culminate in a meeting of task forces and other strategic leaders to synthesize the information and identify commitments to ongoing work.

Second, we know that there are many interesting ideas for potential new Mothers Out Front projects. In order to bring them to light, we have invited anyone interested to briefly propose an idea for a statewide campaign. We are looking for ideas to explore and develop over time, not full proposals for campaigns to act on right away. Part of this process will be learning together more about thinking strategically and about What is a Campaign?

Third, this time period will also be an opportunity to examine questions about who makes what decisions, who bears responsibility for outcomes, and how we build consensus and commit to shared campaign goals and a plan of action. We hope that engaging many leaders in the evaluation and planning process will lead to recommendations for how to best structure our leadership and decision making processes going forward.

Here is the timeline for this work as we see it as of mid-August:


  • Evaluation meetings began within task forces  (Discussion Questions here)
  • Evaluation & reflection survey to all community teams, functional teams, and other volunteers sent out.


  • Collection and Connection period for new campaign ideas. No detailed proposals needed; just short summaries of your ideas!
  • Training opportunities for developing our collective strategic thinking
  • Evaluation meeting notes from task forces and surveys from communities and functional teams completed before 9/15
  • Focus on developing strategy during Campaign Call, 9/12 at noon
  • Meeting of task force leaders, functional team leaders and others to build on what we have learned through this evaluation and reflection process (September 29th 3-6pm)


  • More training opportunities for developing our collective strategic thinking
  • Oct 3, 7-8:30pm - Presentations by campaign proposers on a web call
  • Oct 20 - Statewide strategy summit


The Statewide Strategy Process Planning Team is working to create a creative, democratic, and inclusive process. As we might expect in a learning organization like Mothers Out Front, the plan is evolving and unfolding as we work on it. Pulling members together has the potential to draw out fresh ideas, improve our strategic thinking skills, create new connections among us, and grow our shared sense of purpose. We imagine that brilliance that we cannot foresee will emerge from our collective work in this process.

Please feel free to contact any of the planning team members or Janet Groat, our staff  Organizing Manager, with any questions, comments, and ideas.

With Excitement,

Andra Rose, Anne Goodwin, Claire Humphrey, Sue Stafford

The Statewide Strategy Process Planning Team


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