Invitation to Write a Statewide Campaign Idea

Do You Have an Idea for a Statewide Campaign?

You don’t need to be an expert on an idea to suggest it. Some of the best work grows organically out of people’s interests or as offshoots of ideas that are tested at the community level.

We’re inviting preliminary ideas for statewide campaigns right now to get our strategic juices flowing and to see what members feel passionate about. After the evaluation stage is over we may be ready for more detailed development of the ideas.

Please see below for the timeline and guidelines for contributing an idea.

Please feel free to contact any of the planning team members or Janet Groat, our staff  Organizing Manager, with any questions, comments, and ideas.

With Excitement,

Andra Rose, Anne Goodwin, Claire Humphrey, Sue Stafford

The Statewide Strategy Process Planning Team

Guidelines for Statewide Campaign Ideas

STAGE 1 (Aug. 20 - Oct. 1):  Generating and Sharing Ideas

  • To start:
    • Let us know that you want to be on the email list of people thinking about contributing a campaign idea. Email Andra at [email protected]
    • Read “What Is a Campaign?” for background to help you think about your idea in the context of MA Mothers Out Front.
  • Talk about your idea with others. In September, our staff and the Mass Leadership Team will offer opportunities to share ideas, and learn more about campaigns and thinking strategically. This will be the focus of the September campaign call, at noon on Wednesday, September 12, and at one or two other times to be announced.
  • Describe the basic idea on one page. It’s ok if your description is incomplete at this stage. We don’t want you to spend the time to make a complete proposal at this point in our process. Here are some questions you might think about, but don’t feel you have to have the answers and include all of them in your description:
    • What is the concrete change you are trying to achieve?
    • How does it resonate with the Mother’s voice?
    • Who are you trying to influence?
    • What possibilities are there for community teams to use and expand their power?
    • Are you building on work Mothers Out Front MA has done already or are you challenging us to take new paths toward our vision?
  • Send your description to Andra Rose at [email protected] by October 1. The MA Leadership Team will summarize all ideas and share them in a simple list to facilitate conversation and connection among members.
  • We will assess how to proceed with new proposals after a meeting of task force leaders and others in late September, where we will get a sense of what current work will be ongoing and how we might structure our campaigns going forward.

STAGE 2 (Oct. 1 - Oct 12) Preparing to Decide

Caution: Construction Ahead

We anticipate some work will be needed on descriptions before the October 20th gathering. This will be influenced by the conclusion of the evaluation of our current campaigns at the end of September.

We may realize that to compare ideas, we need proposals in a common format or a similar level of detail. Or we may realize that we won’t be able to decide everything at one gathering: the priorities for our continuing work, our leadership structure, as well as proposed new campaigns. So please evolve with us as our decision making process emerges.

  • Be open to doing some revision or additions to your idea description.
  • Be ready to describe your idea in a video-call with other Mothers Out Front members in early October and at the gathering on Oct. 20.
  • It will be helpful to read “Campaign Strategy & Tactics -- Getting Ready for a Winning Campaign.” (This document will be available shortly and is a great resource from the National organizing handbook.)  

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