Mothers Out Front Somerville is celebrating

This November, Mothers Out Front Somerville joined with Director of Sustainability, Oliver Sellers-Garcia and Mayor Joe Curtatone at a press conference announcing the expansion of Somerville's Community Choice Electricity (CCE) program. 

In January 2020, the program will begin a new 35-month term that will have a lower price and twice as much additional renewable electricity as the previous contract (10% beyond what the state mandates for a total of 25%). Also starting in January, the City of Somerville will procure 16% of its municipal electricity usage from renewable sources. Plus, ratepayers can opt up to 100% clean renewable energy by paying a slightly higher rate. Some 400 households have already opted up to 100% in the last couple years, and, if your budget allows, you can too! Read here to learn more.

Last May, MOF members ran a campaign that resulted in over 700 residents from across Somerville signing postcards asking the city to raise the percentage of clean renewable energy in our electricity, and the city delivered.

These postcards were presented at the November press conference with city officials (you can see a display of these postcards in the photo background).

Read the front page article about this event here in the Somerville Journal.

Or view the video of the event here.

Jessica Garrett, a member of Mothers Out Front spoke at the press conference and said, “As a mother, I am deeply concerned about our children’s health and safety. I often tell my son that it’s my job to keep him safe. But these days I can’t promise him healthy air and a safe, livable climate. And shouldn’t we be able to offer our kids that? The reality of the climate crisis is that it’s here. It’s no longer about our kids’ future. It’s about their present! Children are suffering from the consequences of our fuel choices today. It’s time to transition to clean renewable energy NOW." 

Our combined demand for renewable energy will increase clean power installations in Massachusetts, stimulating local jobs and helping Somerville reach its 2050 carbon neutrality goals while delivering a cleaner future for everyone. In fact, demand for renewable energy from local communities means that 2 new solar arrays are being built in Rhode Island!  Somerville CCE customers have helped to purchase approximately 9,200 MWh of extra renewable energy annually, which is equal to the output of 2 wind turbines you might see around New England (1.5 MW each).

The City’s CCE program keeps Somerville’s electricity prices stable and protects consumers from seasonal rate increases. The current Somerville CCE program has provided electricity rates that have been lower than the Eversource rate for the entire 30-month duration of the program. This has saved residential customers $3,023,614 total or approximately $130 per household, and small commercial customers have saved $1,281,714.

The new city website shows prices and options: 

You can opt up to 100% by visiting the site in January 2020. Mark your calendar so you can set it as a New Year’s Resolution.

Gas Leaks Campaign

Mothers Out Front Somerville is also pursuing a campaign to encourage the city to repair and reduce gas leaks across the city.

Want to know more about gas leaks in Somerville?

·      There are over 16,000 gas leaks in Massachusetts, and over 200 in Somerville alone!
·      Leaked gas is mostly methane, a “greenhouse gas on steroids” that is 86 times worse for the climate than CO2 in its first 20 years in the atmosphere.
·      The utilities charge us for the leaked gas, wasting millions of consumer dollars.
·      Methane also kills local trees and worsens global health.

More Information about MOF Somerville

 PRESS: Our gas leaks campaign was recently featured in the Boston Globe and the Somerville News Weekly!
For more information on the gas leaks efforts or to join our efforts, contact Bonnie Cohen at [email protected]

For MOF Somerville updates visit:

Other ways to get involved with Somerville Mothers Out Front:

Community Team Meetings are the first Sunday of each month at 7-9pm, with mid-month meetings on Mondays at 7pm at Forge Bakery.  If you are interested in attending please email [email protected] for exact dates and locations.

If you would like to volunteer or learn more about getting involved, please contact Margaret Price-Jones at [email protected]

Links to Somerville Climate organizations:

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Somerville's Sustainaville program

Office of Sustainability and Environment

Commission on Energy Use and Climate Change

Somerville Climate Action

Fossil Free Somerville

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Mystic River Watershed Association

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