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Regenerating Earth’s Carbon Sponge


Welcome to Mothers Out Front's gateway to explanatory resources about the vital roles played by healthy soil, trees, grasslands, wetlands, and regenerative agricultural practices. By restoring nature’s capacity to draw carbon from the atmosphere, we reduce its harmful warming effects on our climate. We also restore Earth’s biodiversity. While climate change activism focuses largely on curtailing the use of fossil fuels, scientists conclude that restoring nature’s carbon cycle is essential if we are going to stop the temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius, which is predicted to set off catastrophic consequences. After several centuries of degrading the soil with our farming, lawn and gardening practices, restoring the health of this ecosystem is critical – and doable.


  • Discover how quickly soil can be restored to health and act as a vital carbon sponge.
  • Learn about the grass-roots restorative solutions happening throughout the world.
  • Explore pathways and develop strategies that broaden public awareness and spur restorative actions.  






We have a public Facebook community – Soil, Carbon and Climate Change – where we share stories and videos and insights as we educate each other about these topics.

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