Script for Barrett Constituents

For constituents of Senator Barrett, we have chosen to focus on just one amendment to the carbon pricing part of the S.2477 Energy Bill and to thank him for writing the three Next Generation Climate Policy bills. We think he may be amenable to a speedier timeline, which he himself advocated for in another bill he wrote. If you have time for two calls, you can use the script for other Senators to call Senate President Karen Spilka, (617) 722-1500, to let her know you support the full list of amendments we want in the bill.

Hello!  My name is ____ and I live in ____.   I am a constituent of Senator Barrett and a member of Mothers Out Front.  I am calling/emailing today to thank him for his leadership in crafting the recently released Next Generation Climate Policy bills, including “An Act Setting Next Generation Climate Policy” (S.2477).   As a person who is also deeply committed to taking bold action to reduce carbon emissions, I am concerned by the time frame given to implement the carbon pricing mechanisms. In S.1924 (An Act to Combat Climate Change), Senator Barrett himself lays out a much tighter time frame, as he also did in several public presentations last winter.  Surely the science urges us to shorten the time frame, not extend it! This is why I support Amendment 34, "Advancing economy-wide carbon pricing," and urge that it be adopted when the bill comes to the floor of the Senate on Thursday.

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