Time to Lead on Clean Energy Solutions

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July 15, 2018

To Speaker Robert DeLeo:

Winthrop residents and business owners urge you to lead on clean energy.

We Winthrop residents are very concerned about the damage Winthrop is experiencing due to increased flooding and more frequent and severe storms. We urge you to take bold steps now so we can build and use more clean, renewable energy here in the Commonwealth.

We need legislation that will drive the market for renewable energy, keep money in the state, promote economic development, and reduce emissions. We need to create economic incentives for businesses and consumers to stop using fossil fuel and invest in cleaner alternatives.

We ask that you:

  • increase the annual renewable portfolio standard to 3%
  • lift the solar net metering cap.
  • Support carbon pricing

We join the 17 Winthrop business owners who wrote to you and the Winthrop Transcript in support of clean energy. 

We are proud supporters of climate solutions who are ready to see your leadership.

Will you sign?

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