Renewables & Energy Efficiency Team Meets with Representative's Office

Mothers Out Front’s Renewables & Energy Efficiency Task Force met with Representative Golden’s office on March 7th. The conversation was about increasing the RPS rate to 3% and why we don't need more pipelines or natural gas to meet our energy needs. Rep. Golden is the house chair of the Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy committee and is in charge of deciding by Friday what to do with the RPS increase.



L to R: Debbie New, Eugenia Gibbons, Elizabeth Cooper, Caleb Oakes, Anne Goodwin, Susan Redlich and Mary Cerulli at the Statehouse today for a meeting. Caleb Oakes is Rep. Thomas Golden's legislative staffer.


Caleb Oakes sent this email to one of the team members shortly after the meeting:

"Thank you for coming in today with the other members of Mothers Out Front.  I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to discuss this important issue and provide supplemental materials.  I also appreciate your willingness to give your organization’s response to recent events such as the winter cold snap, ISO-NE fuel security analysis, and Boston Globe’s editorials on LNG.  If you could extend my appreciation to everyone who attended, and provide my contact information should they wish to follow up, I would be most grateful."

Progress forward!

Daria Mark - Mothers Out Front

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