Renewable Energy

Together, as mothers and consumers, we’re raising our voices and taking bold steps to


from costly, harmful fuels that endanger our children’s health and livable climate 
to endless sources of energy like the sun and wind.


Our children need a world powered by renewables. They depend on us to act now and quickly to demand clean energy.

We can achieve a clean energy future by

  • raising our unique voice and our collective power as mothers
  • joining our allies: sharing solutions and achieving them together
  • making changes in our homes and communities to create the demand for more renewable energy



You can start right now by switching your home electricity to renewable energy.  It’s one of the single most effective actions you can take. Plus, it’s quick and easy.



Mothers Out Front is part of Mass Power Forward, a coalition of environmental leaders, community development organizations, clean energy businesses, faith groups, and neighborhood health and safety advocates organizing for our future.

We want clean, affordable, reliable energy and a thriving economy. We are united to:

  • build more solar farms and local solar projects across our state, especially in lower income neighborhoods
  • support off-shore wind farming in the “Saudi Arabia of wind” just off of our coast
  • keep costly, harmful gas and other fossil fuels out of Massachusetts



We have the solutions. We can meet all of our energy needs with 100% renewable sources.

And we have to do it!  Our state’s Global Warming Solutions Act requires us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

  • 20% by 2030
  • 80% by 2050

The only way to get there—to follow the law—is to build clean.

So what’s stopping us? The status quo. Our ways of living and doing business that must make way for the future.


Mothers Out Front is changing the status quo and focused on creating the livable climate we need for our children.

In our homes, we are creating demand by switching our electricity to renewable energy.  You can too.

In our cities and towns, we are working with our elected officials and allies to

  • build solar farms
  • start community shared solar projects
  • power our municipal buildings with 100% renewable energy
  • develop and implement Net Zero plans so our buildings will create as much power as they use

There are many ways to make it happen! Join a local team and add your energy to ours.



We Have The Power: 100% Renewable Energy For A Clean, Thriving America


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