Presentations about Regenerating Earth’s Carbon Sponge


Here are some video presentations on the topic of soil regeneration and related topics.





Allan Savory, a grassland ecosystem pioneer, gave a TEDtalk in February 2013 about restoring grasslands by bringing back animals that once grazed on grasslands, along with predators with whom they co-evolved.  


Walter Jehne, founder of the Soil Carbon Coalition, and Didi Pershouse, author and board chair of Soil Carbon Coalition, present their findings on the soil carbon sponge at Harvard University, April 2018.


Cowboys, Carbon, Soil: In this video, Allen Williams, Gabe Brown and Neil Dennis, who are ranchers, demonstrate how they are regenerating their soil – turning it ON – while making their beef cattle healthier, as they graze on the land, and their operations more profitable. Healthier soil means that rainwater sinks into the earth instead of running off and makes their ranches more resilient in a drought.

Leave It To Beavers: These resources describe the effects of returning beavers to a creek in Nevada. Beavers play a major role in holding water in the soil and creating carbon- rich wetlands. Once widely hunted, beavers are returning either naturally or due to the efforts of conservationists. Many lands that are dry today were once wetlands when they served as beaver habitat.

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