Persistent gas leak in front of my house

A few days ago, Brookline resident Carrie Bell reached out to us for help with her gas leak problem.   Here is her letter about the gas leak on Walnut St that her neighborhood has been trying to get fixed.

We renovated a beautiful 1852 house on Walnut Street, Brookline, and moved there in August  2013. We live between Lincoln School and the reservoir,  so there is a lot of daily foot traffic. There is a persistent gas smell on the sidewalk in front of our house.

Several times a month,  someone walking by smells the gas. They call the fire department, who either shows up, or they in turn call National Grid. The technicians then want to come into the house to make sure there is no gas leak in the basement. This has happened at all hours of the day, including the middle of the night. There  have been times when they have dig up the street to "fix the gas leak"--yet it is still there. Only yesterday two National Grid technicians came to check my basement.

Why won't they fix this leak? Because, they have explained to me dozens of times, it is a grade 3 leak: the house is far enough away from the street that the leak doesn't pose a threat to the house. If the gas were leaking into the sewer or drainage system, it would be considered a Grade 1 leak and would be fixed. It is still considered a Grade 3 leak, no matter how many dozens of times they are called. What a waste of time and money for the town and for National Grid, who of course pass along the costs to us.

I have called, emailed, and written to National Grid, to no avail.  There are many leaks like this all over town. Not only is it damaging to the environment, it is a waste of manpower and money to constantly be checking a leak that is persistent.

I am now trying to find a human at National Grid to have our attorney write a letter. Not easy, as customer service emails and phone calls do not get answered. 

All the best,
Carrie Minot Bell
Walnut St., Brookline
Carrie's pictures of her street: 
carrie-bell-image-of-patched-up-roads-from-gas-leak-repair-2.jpg  carrie-bell-image-of-patched-up-roads-from-gas-leak-repair.jpg

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