Past Campaigns

Green House Fest

Mothers Out Front Brookline sponsors a self-guided tour of local homes featuring sustainable, all-electric solutions for cooking, heating, and driving.

Learn about the elements of a “green” home up close by talking with Brookline homeowners who have benefited from energy-efficient features such as solar panels, air source and ground source heat pumps, electric cars, on-demand gas or electric water heaters, induction stoves, urban gardening and composting and find out about incentive programs available in Massachusetts.




Mothers Out Front Brookline demand that National Grid repair the 275+ gas leaks in Brookline!

Past Agenda

  • Hear what your elected officials, including Representative Tommy Vitolo and Senator Cynthia Creem (invited), are doing to make National Grid fix the leaks
  • Watch a gas expert measure an active leak
  • Learn about the dangers that leaking gas pose to our trees, our health, our safety, and the environment

Why does this matter?

Gas leaks cause global warming. Natural gas is 95% methane. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that is 86 times more damaging than carbon dioxide during its first twenty years in the atmosphere.

Gas leaks cause explosions. Gas leaks have been implicated in explosions throughout the Commonwealth. These explosions have caused extensive damage, injury, and in some cases, loss of life, as happened in the Merrimack Valley in September 2018.

Gas leaks harm our health. We breathe in methane and other chemicals in gas. Natural gas can trigger asthma attacks and cause or worsen other respiratory illnesses.

Gas leaks cost us money. Utilities pass along the cost of leaks to customers, rolling it into our bills.

Natural gas takes the place of soil’s oxygen that trees need to survive. Hundreds of trees have been suffocated in Brookline. Taxpayers ultimately pay for removing and replacing trees that have died from gas leaks.