No Rubber Stamp! No Weymouth Compressor Permits!

On August 5 Join Us to Tell Governor Baker That Granting Permits for Enbridge’s Polluting Compressor Is Unacceptable.


We expect that Governor Baker and his departments will be granting permits for the compressor station planned for Weymouth. We’re shirting up, showing up, and tweeting to let him know that for the health and safety of Fore River Basin residents, and for the sustainability of our climate, rubber stamping permits for the fossil fuel industry is unacceptable!!

Join us as we push him to keep his promises, and NO "rubber stamp" permits for Weymouth!



We need a lot of attention on this project. Please help us share/boost this online, whether you can show up at the hearing or not.

If you have one minute, find the #NoRubberStampWeymouth hashtag and retweet or share tweets or posts.

If you have two minutes, tweet using the hashtag #NoRubberStampWeymouth and tag @MothersOutFront and @MassGovernor. You can write your own message or use our samples below.

If you have five minutes, take a selfie and tweet it, explaining why you don’t want the Weymouth compressor station. Remember to use the hashtags #NoRubberStampWeymouth and tag @MothersOutFront and @MassGovernor and. You can also add #GovernorGas and #KeepYourPromises if you're feeling adventurous!

If you have ten minutes, do all three!


Tips: Did you know it takes only 30 tweets on a topic to get a decision-maker's attention on something you care about?

Editing the tweets with your own words will increase their impact!

If you see a period at the beginning of a tweet before someone's handle, that's necessary to make sure your tweet is public and not just a private message, so be sure to include it.




  • Mothers don't rubber stamp anything. Decisions about our children's lives are too important. Shouldn't that be your approach too, @MassGovernor? Aren't the lives in the Fore River Basin too important? #NoRubberStampWeymouth @MothersOutFront



  • We’re in a #ClimateEmergency. We are afraid for our children's future. So why would @MassGovernor want to allow permits for a compressor station in Weymouth, or anywhere in MA? @MothersOutFront says #NoRubberStampWeymouth. Stop acting like #GovernorGas.



  • .@MassGovernor: Building compressor station in Weymouth not only leads to more severe #ClimateEmergency, it also increases the severe and unjust burden on health and safety of residents of Fore River Basin. Unacceptable! #NoRubberStampWeymouth @MothersOutFront



  • .@MassGovernor promised the people of the Fore River Basin that safety and coastal resilience studies would be done before any Weymouth permits issued. @MothersOutFront says don’t be #GovernorGas: #KeepYourPromises, #NoRubberStampWeymouth



  • .@MothersOutFront ask @MassGovernor: Where are safety and coastal resilience studies promised before Weymouth compressor permits issued? #KeepYourPromises! #NoRubberStampWeymouth



  • .@MothersOutFront ask @MassGovernor: Where are promised safety and coastal resilience studies re Weymouth b4 permits? #KeepYourPromises! If u don't care about people's health or climate damage, remember $244 million bridge will break if compressor explodes. #NoRubberStampWeymouth



  • .@MassGovernor, work on climate change preparedness but will cause more climate damage by building new fossil fuel infrastructure. @MothersOutFront says this not only unacceptable - also makes no sense! Our families deserve better. #KeepYourPromises #NoRubberStampWeymouth



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