No Biomass Plant in Springfield

Stand up for healthy children and renewable energy standards in Massachusetts on Wednesday, May 29th, 5:45pm at the Department of Energy Resources (DOER) hearing in Springfield. 

Let’s tell the Baker administration what we think about their proposal to allow dirty biomass energy to count as “renewable” energy. We join Arise for Social Justice and others to continue the fight against a massive biomass power plant in Springfield. The "Palmer Renewable Energy" (PRE) plant would hurt children’s health and the climate if it were built.

Site of Palmer Renewable Energy biomass plant

Hundereds are needed to turn out for the DOER hearing on Wednesday, May 29 at the UMass Center in Springfield, 1500 Main St.

  • 5:45 pm - Street Action and rally
  • 6:30 pm - Hearing, Room 14

Let the children of Springfield breathe!

Springfield has been called “the Asthma Capital of the US.” Biomass plants emit fine particles (which lodge deep in the lungs), smog pollution, hazardous chemicals — and carbon dioxide, which contributes to global warming.

The Back Story:  PRE and other biomass supporters got the Baker administration’s Department of Energy Resources (DOER) to propose weaker state rules, allowing dirtier biomass energy to get incentives as renewable energy. These rules will make it financially viable for PRE to build and burn wood and trash.

But the proposed rules have not been adopted yet.

Here's what you can do to stop it:

  • Show up in your Mothers Out Front t-shirt (we’ll bring extras!) to help pack the hearing room on Wednesday.
  • Help us provide a safe, fun space for children while parents are giving testimony.
  • If you are a Springfield resident, consider speaking at the hearing. Mothers Out Front has coaches ready to help you prepare. 
  • Can’t come? Watch for and use these hashtags on social media. Share and retweet! #DontPayPolluters #WeBreatheWhatTheyBurn #nomeansnoDOER #MothersProtectChildren.

Let’s carpool — meet at Sheldon Field, off Bridge St in Northampton, at 4:45pm. Or in Amherst at the Newmarket stores parking lot closest to the corner of University Dr. and Amity St at 4:30. We’ll make sure some cars return early for those bringing their kids.

Email Felicia at yeskelmednick at gmail dot com if you are interested in coming, or if you have any questions.


Read testimony from Mothers Out Front on the DOER rules changes.

Submit your own comments until 5 p.m. June 7. Written comments can be submitted to John Wassam electronically at [email protected], or via mail to the Department of Energy Resources, 100 Cambridge St., Suite 1020, Boston, MA 02114.

Visit the Partnership For Policy Integrity for details & more about how the Baker Administration is aggressively promoting polluting biomass.  

Thank you!

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