Mothers Say NO Air Permit for the Weymouth Compressor


Tell Governor Baker and the DEP the air quality permit process for the Fore River Basin is compromised. They must listen to the mothers AND the doctors.


Mothers Out Front will be joining Weymouth residents at an appeal hearing in Boston on the Air Quality Permit that was unjustly issued to the Compressor Station planned for Weymouth without hearing all of the evidence and facts. Governor Baker’s agency appointees are responsible for issuing this and other permits that are allowing this compressor station to go forward, and he can use his power to stop it. Read more about the compressor in Weymouth here [Link to MOF or FRRACS page?]

Furthermore, the Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) have done their own studies and determined that the compressor station would put the Fore River Basin at risk. See more here [Link to PSR statement?]

We have no time to lose. Construction could start in early July if these last permits are approved. We’re showing up in person and boosting online. Let's do a Twitter Storm!


006164-red-white-pearl-icon-arrows-double-arrowhead-right.pngIf you have one minute, find the  #GovernorGas #listentoyourmothers #listentoyourdoctors hashtags and retweet or share tweets or posts.


006164-red-white-pearl-icon-arrows-double-arrowhead-right.pngIf you have two minutes, tweet using the  #rGovernorGas #listentoyourmothers #listentoyourdoctors hashtags and tagging @MothersOutFront, @MassGovernor, @FRRACS_MA, @gb_psr, and @MassDEP. You can write your own message or use our samples below.



If you have five minutes, take pictures of your actions (see this guide) and tweet it, explaining why you don’t want any more fossil fuel development, but investment in renewables right now. Remember to use the hashtag # and tag  @MothersOutFront, @MassGovernor, @FRRACS_MA, @gb_psr, and @MassDEP.



If you have ten minutes, do all three!



Sample Meme (just right-click on your computer or press on the image on your phone to download to your device and share)





Tip: Uploading your own photo and using your own words in your tweet will strengthen your/our impact!


Sample tweets

  • Doctors have found that the compressor station planned for Weymouth is a danger to health, safety, and the sustainability of our communities. @MothersOutFront @MassGovernor @FRRACS_MA @gb_psr @MassDEP. #GovernorGas #ListenToYourMothers #listentoyourdoctors



  • Why are @MothersOutFront against the compressor station in Weymouth? Maybe it’s the 3100 kids who would be subject to “catastrophic safety risk.” We urge @MassDEP & @MassGovernor to stand against. Don’t be #GovernorGas! #listentoyourmothers #listentoyourdoctors @FRRACS_MA @gb_psr



  • Why are @MothersOutFront against the compressor station in Weymouth? Doctors have found it will release benzene & formaldehyde, which cause leukemia. @FRRACS_MA and @gb_psr urge @MassDEP & @MassGovernor to say no compressor #GovernorGas #listentoyourmothers #listentoyourdoctors



  • .@MothersOutFront say no compressor station in Weymouth bc its construction will release arsenic, which causes skin, lung & bladder cancer, from contaminated soil. @FRRACS_MA & @gb_psr ask @MassDEP & @MassGovernor #GovernorGas #listentoyourmothers #listentoyourdoctors



  • .@MassGovernor @MassDEP Time to put the health of Fore River Basin residents over the profits of Enbridge or be labeled #GovernorGas #listentoyourmothers #listentoyourdoctors @MothersOutFront @FRRACS_MA @gb_psr





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