Building a Net Zero Middle School

Action Alert:

Shirt up and show up to the Concord Middle School Community Meeting, Update, and Workshop on Thursday, Feb 27 at 7 PM. Location: Peabody Middle School1231 Old Marlboro Rd, Concord.

Tell the Concord Middle School Building Committee that a Net Zero and Fossil-Fuel Free school is safer, healthier, and smarter for our kids and our community.


Concord is in the process of designing a new Middle School to replace two aging buildings. This is an opportunity for Concord to build its first Net Zero School and become a leader in energy efficient school design.

In 2017, the residents of Concord overwhelmingly passed a Town Meeting Article (Article 51) which committed the Town of Concord to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 from a 2008 baseline. The largest contributor to the Town’s GHG emissions is from built environment (60%). In order to meet our GHG emissions reduction goal, the town must systematically replace inefficient out-dated buildings with Net Zero.

Mothers Out Front knows that a school run on clean, renewable energy is safer, healthier, and smarter for our kids and our community. That’s why we want to push for a Net Zero building that meets the highest energy efficiency standards.

Why Net Zero and Fossil-Fuel Free?

  1. Clean buildings are healthy buildings. Net Zero/Fossil-Fuel Free Buildings provide exceptional indoor air quality, creating a healthy environment for students and teachers.
  2. Net Zero doesn't cost more. Neighboring school districts have found that the low longterm operating costs can offset any additional cost associated with Net Zero design elements, such as solar panels. Additionally, grant funding is available to help towns cover initial capital costs.
  3. We must build for the future. The science says we must reduce our emissions 50% by 2030. It will be impossible to achieve this goal that if we continue build schools that lock us in to a dirty energy future.
  4. We need climate resilient schools. Resilience is easily incorporated in Net Zero/Fossil-Fuel Free design. This means resilience in the face of extreme storms, flooding, power outages, and heat waves. We need to ensure that our schools have dynamic heating and cooling systems that can serve students despite increasingly erratic and unpredictable weather.
  5. A green building can be a living laboratory!  Kids can learn about the behavior of light by studying solar panels, learn to read graphs by tracking building efficiency, and conduct real-time experiments.

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