Join us in Needham

Coming Fall 2020!  Join us for a Needham Green Crawl to learn about green technologies your neighbors are using.


Needham Mothers Out Front is a group of Needham moms and other caretakers coming together to bring the issue of climate change to the forefront.

We are not politicians! In Needham, we are busy teachers, doctors, coaches, sales professionals, homemakers and more. Most importantly, we are busy MOMS and we are ready to show how grassroots community action can create a path to the future we want for our children and our planet. 

While Massachusetts is a climate change leader, we can still do better about prioritizing or seriously discussing clean energy strategies. Needham Mothers Out Front would like to fuel that change.  

While our eventual goal is to get Needham to be a net zero community, our initial focus is on education.

Join us to help our town do better! Most of our work is done through email or remotely. We have a role (big or small) for anyone who can contribute.

To learn about Mothers Out Front Needham, please email [email protected] or sign up on our form!