Join us at #MothersConnect on Facebook and Twitter - Jan. 27th!


Our Massachusetts Mothers Out Front Assembly 2018 is about

Celebrating Connection.

Whether you are at the Assembly or not, you can support the event with online connections!


Before Saturday, January 27th:

  • Post a picture with a note on Facebook or Twitter about why you're excited to attend the assembly. You can post a #selfie, a picture of your team, use the images provided below, or use your imagination. Include the hashtag #MothersConnect and don't forget to tag @MothersOutFront! (so we get a notification!)


Sample Posts/Tweets (but we'd love to see yours!):

I'm excited to celebrate with mothers and volunteers across the state, build our relationships and our power and make 2018 a year to remember! #MothersConnect at @MothersOutFront.

  • Let's get moving and power our state with 100% #RenewableEnergy! Join the conversation at #MothersConnect this Saturday! @MothersOutFront
  • I’m looking forward to seeing my friends at the Mothers Out Front MA Assembly this Saturday because #MothersConnect solutions to problems. @MothersOutFront


Facebook picture to post (right click and download to your computer to post this pic.)



Twitter picture to post: (right click and download to your computer to post this pic.)



On Saturday:

If you're at the Assembly, take pictures during sessions and with your teams and post them on Facebook and Twitter (and Instagram too), tagging @MothersOutFront, and filling out the hashtag #MothersConnect (i.e., #MothersConnectSolutions.).  Please also finish your post with: #MothersConnect at @MothersOutFront (so we get a notification).

And if you're not able to join us, and have a few minutes to spend on social media, please tweet or post on Facebook about your hopes for our work in 2018 and your reactions to the other posts. Please also retweet and share facebook posts that have the hashtag #MothersConnect.

Sample Posts/Tweets: (but we can't wait to see yours!)

  • #MothersConnectToEachOther to solve the problems our children are counting us on to solve = #climatechange. #MothersConnect at @MothersOutFront.
  • #MothersConnectAllies to bring 100% Renewable Energy to our state and a livable climate for our kids. #MothersConnect at @MothersOutFront.
  • [email protected] is celebrating our power to build relationships, build solutions and build safe communities for our families. #MothersConnect.

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