Mothers talk to their State Sen. about #RenewableEnergy

On September 7th, Mothers Out Front team reps were at the state house in the morning to join 350MA for a meeting with Sen. Cindy Friedman and her Policy Advisor, Deborah Brown.

From Judith Glixon, Lexington Mother Out Front:
"We were, by the end of the meeting, 9 of her constituents (representing 350 Mass, Mothers Out Front, Jewish Climate Action Network, and a few other organizations) asking her to provide testimony on behalf of the bills that 350 Mass has prioritized in their "350 Mass Legislative Agenda," which you can see here

The outcome was as follows:
Sen. Friedman is in favor of, and will provide testimony to T.U.E. for, all the issues listed, with the exception of the carbon pricing bills which she says she still needs more information on to better understand them. She stated that she welcomes any and all input related to all of these bills.  She also recommended that no legislators' support should be taken for granted on any bills, so they should be lobbied regardless of what our assumptions are about their views."


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