Mothers Say No More Biomass

Massachusetts Mothers Out Front has been fighting the expansion of biomass for years. Below you will find our current action as of October 2020 and below that, a history of past actions.

Current Action

Mothers Out Front members are outraged at the blatant environmental injustice of a proposed biomass-burning facility in Springfield. This city is already known as the asthma capital of the United States. 

As reported in the Boston Globe (10/20/20), the East Springfield community has been fighting this plant for over 10 years. Their homes are already in a sacrifice zone. Let's support their leadership.

CALL TO ACTION: Write a short personal note (email and/or tweet) to both your state representative and your senator. Find your legislators here. 

Tell them you want a strong and just climate bill this year. Ask them to contact their colleagues on the Climate Conference Committee to support the following provisions in the pending climate bill:

  1. INCLUDE the environmental justice language as written in the House bill, H.4933, Section 15.
  2. EXCLUDE the language in the House bill that includes biomass as a 'non-emitting' fuel for Municipal Light Plants.

If emailing, please adapt the sample script below. Include the link to our letter to the Committee members: 


If Tweeting, here are some examples and tips

Sample script for emails:

Dear [Senator/Representative ________],  

The children of Massachusetts deserve a strong climate bill this year with environmental justice at the center. Please don't allow biomass to be called a non-emitting, renewable energy source. This would harm our climate and health, particularly in Springfield where a biomass plant is proposed.

Please ask the Climate Conference Committee to take out the language about biomass in the House bill, H.4933, Section 15, and to include the bill’s environmental justice provisions. Please share this letter from Mothers Out Front with the Conference Committee members.

Previous Actions

Mothers Out Front has stood up for the families of Springfield and fought the expansion of biomass in many ways:


Here's a great column by Marty Nathan in the Valley Advocate:
The Partnership for Policy Integrity has been a leader in the fight against biomass statewide:

Below: Joanna Reuter, Mothers Out Front Amherst, finishing her car art, and her car with smokestack on it ready for a protest parade, September, 2020


Below: Felicia Mednick, Amherst Chapter Coordinator, second from left, at Springfield protest, May, 2019

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