Mothers from Brookline go to WBUR

Several Brookline team members attended a sold-out climate event on 11/13 at WBUR in Boston, focused on the City of Boston’s Carbon-Free by 2050 Plan. The event was introduced by Mothers Out Front member Ania Camargo of Boston, who is also a member of WBUR’s Executive Advisory Council.

Joan Miller, Diane Sokal and Anne Sudduth at the WBUR event.

WBUR has launched a new Environmental Reporting Initiative to bring more climate-focused reporting to their radio programs with national distribution, as well as podcasts, websites and other platforms; the introduction cited a report showing that ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox news broadcasts in 2016 had a combined annual total of only 50 minutes of coverage of climate change:
Marilyn Ray Smith of Brookline is one of several MOF members involved in an advisory committee for this Environmental Reporting Initiative.

Author John Cleveland, of the Green Ribbon Commission outlines the path for Boston to reach Net Zero.

The main take-away from the event are the three crucial changes that we need to make if we are going to be carbon free by 2050:

  1. Reduce demand for energy: undertake deep energy retrofits of existing buildings and require design of new buildings with much greater energy efficiency; initiate a transportation mode shift away from individual gas-powered vehicles.
  2. Electrify every power source used: heating, cooling, cooking, water-heating, transportation.
  3. Clean up the electrical grid: all renewable electricity generation.

The work of Mothers Out Front seems well aligned with this approach to a carbon-free future!

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