Renewable Electricity

Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard: Support the 3% Annual Increase

The effects of climate change are becoming more visible, and the largest cause of global warming is greenhouse gases released by burning fossil fuels. One of our most important tools to fight climate change is the Massachusetts Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). This law requires utilities to phase out their use of fossil fuels, by increasing their use of renewable energy sources by an additional 1% every year.

We support a bill before the Massachusetts Legislature that requires a 3% annual increase in the RPS. Passage of this bill can add more clean renewable energy into our electrical grid and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, to help ensure a more stable, healthy environment for our children.

Action Needed! Contact Your Legislators!
Our legislators pay attention when constituents speak up!  Please email, call, or visit your State legislators, and urge them to support an annual RPS increase of 3%.  It’s good for the Massachusetts economy, for public health, for the climate, and for our children’s future.  

The deadline to report the RPS legislation our of committee has been extended 3 times - first to March, then to April and now to the end of April.  It's clear that the RPS question is of interest to our legislators and they need to hear from us an unequivocal need for 3% annual rate.

Learn More about the RPS, tell us your story or contact us with questions.

Postcard Campaign

We've created a postcard with the image below that you can send to your legislator.  Click on the image for the complete file and instructions. 

RPS chart showing 1% and 3% increases

OpEds published in local Massachusetts papers

We're working with local teams to publish OpEds in their towns letting residents know about the importance of increasing the RPS by 3%. 


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