Materials for the 2018 Strategy Process

December 8th Information

10 am - 2 pm

First Parish Unitarian Universalist Arlington

Remote participation: The meeting will have the option for virtual participation for those who live across the state or could not otherwise participate. Contact Anne Wright, [email protected]

We have a new campaign to plan!

At the strategy summit in October, we combined elements of three proposals as the basis for creating a statewide campaign to speed the transition off fracked gas. However, we agreed that the ideas in the proposals still needed focus and details.  We want to continue to do this through a democratic and inclusive process on December 8. Will your team be represented there?


Documents for background:

What is a Campaign?

Criteria for Choosing a Campaign

Gas Is The Past - handout

Please check back for more educational materials soon


Lunch: Bring your own lunch. Bring something to share as well, if you like. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Directions and Parking: First Parish Arlington is located at 630 Massachusetts Avenue, at the corner with Pleasant St (Rte 60) in Arlington center. The  77 and 79 bus routes stop right in front of the church. There is plenty of metered parking on the street and in a lot across the street.  Enter at the side door near the library. We will be in the Parlor, through the glass doors to the left of where you enter.

Last minute contact number: Call Anne Goodwin at 781-883-8460

The goals of this meeting are

  • To inform all active MA volunteer leaders and community teams of our current work around gas
  • To inspire and excite participating volunteers about the potential for high-impact work that produces measurable outcomes
  • To identify opportunities and priorities for MOF MA work around gas in 2019-2020 and offer pathways for engagement
  • To brainstorm impact and people goals for the 2019-2020 campaign.
  • To initiate a statewide task force for this campaign

October 20th Information

Hello participants in the Mothers Out Front Mass Strategy Summit! Whether you can attend on October 20th or not, you're a participant. Your community team will be a part of the decision-making process and you can have input through those on your team who are attending. We hope you'll read the campaign proposals linked below and talk about them ahead of time. If you're in an area without a team, you can participate fully on Saturday or give us input by email. If you haven't RSVPed yet please do it here!

Below, you'll also find background on the criteria we'll use to choose a campaign and the planning process so far. Plus the agenda and lunch menu! You might want to check the Materials page for last minute updates Friday.

This information is brought to you by the Statewide Strategy Process Planning Team. Feel free to contact anyone of us with questions.

UPDATE Wednesday 10/17:

We've added to this page a short description of how we'll make decisions, Study Groups, parking info, and a request for people to BYOM (bring your own mug). The parking situation means it's even more important to get there early so you can settle in before we start at 9:30 sharp. 

What to bring:

A mug, pen and paper, a sweater (it's a big room and can be cold), and wear your MOF tshirt! 


  • The street in front of our site is CLOSED on Saturday 9am-1 pm due to a FARMER'S MARKET which is on the town common right in front of the Common St Spiritual Center. This means that driving and parking will be more complicated, and you will not be able to drive right up to the front door of our site.  

PLEASE ALLOW EXTRA TIME to park and walk over to the site. We will start the program promptly at 9:30.

  • The best place to park is the free town lot at the corner of Rte 135 (East Central Street) and Church Street. it is a block and a half from the Common Street Spiritual Center.  All kiosk- pay lots in town are free on Saturday.
  • There is parking on the street at 2 hour meters until 1 pm, when street parking is free; there are also some weekday permit parking spots that are free all day on Saturday.
  • There is a small free lot behind the site which you may be able to park in if you come before 9 am when the Farmer's Market begins.  You have to drive around the block behind the site to get there. There is also a free lot next door to the site (in front of a dentists and real estate office) which you can park in if you come before the Farmer's Market starts.

Here is a map showing the lots.

Remember, it's just a 5 minute walk from the Natick Center commuter rail stop. Carpooling is highly encouraged!


Campaign Proposals:

Documents for thinking strategically:

What is a Campaign?

Criteria for Choosing a Campaign

How will we choose a state campaign?

Our goal for Saturday is to select one (or possibly two) statewide campaign(s) for our organization's central state level work over the next two years. To do this we will use a process that aims toward building consensus. We will discuss and consider the 6 campaign proposals above, and work collaboratively to edit and amend one or more proposals that are most likely to satisfy the group's goals. Through consensus agreement or a super-majority vote, we are hopeful that by the end of the day we will decide on a campaign that we are all ready to stand behind for maximum effectiveness and impact throughout 2019 and 2020. 

What about local campaigns?

Local teams’ projects and campaign work will not and should not stop once we select a central state level campaign for 2019-2020! Community teams will continue to have autonomy to choose and shape their local work. This strategic campaign selection is an effort to focus our statewide efforts together on a goal, so that we have maximum impact in this critical time -- but we need community teams to continue their local campaigns with the same creativity as ever.

We will continue to offer resources to local teams that grow out of statewide work, past and present. And we encourage local or inter-community research and collaboration into new topics. See the Study Groups below for examples of what's bubbling up from our members' interests.

Tentative Agenda

  • 9:00    Arrival, sign in, coffee*, settle in
  • 9:30    Inspirational Opening 
  • 10:00  Big Picture and Framing 
  • 10:50  Presentations of Campaign Proposals 
  • 11:20  Community Team Huddle
  • 12:00  Report Back
  • 12:45  LUNCH (veggie, chicken, and gluten free options)
  • 1:15    Collaborative Decision-Making (in large and small groups)
  • 4:00    Closing 
  • 4:30    End

*What do you all think about bringing our own mugs for coffee and drinks to reduce our paper waste? Or let Andra know ([email protected]) if you have a cupboard full of "Best Teacher Ever" mugs and such that we could use for the day.


Study Groups

The following are in proposal form but the proposers intend to start, or continue, researching the topic. Some may start or continue pilot projects at a local level. as well. Study Groups can be a way for new ideas to percolate from people's interests, shared with members in other communities, and could be proposed for a statewide campaign in the future. These groups may have materials available at the Summit on their topic and there will be a sign up for others interested in joining.

Food Waste - Carolyn Weaver

Transportation - Edith Buhs, Claire Humphrey, Mary Brady, Andee Krasner 

Regenerating Earth's Carbon Sponge - Melissa Ludtke


Documents on planning process:

About the 2018 Statewide Strategy Process 

Task Force Evaluation Questions

Local Team Evaluation Questions

Invitation to Write a Statewide Campaign Idea

Campaign Proposal Form

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