Stop Wasting Money & Save the Planet with Energy Efficiency

In Massachusetts, roughly 75% of our electricity comes from burning natural gas, which means that every kilowatt of energy you save cuts the amount of methane and carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. The average American’s carbon footprint is 20 metric tons per year, so there is lots of room for adding efficiency. Heating/cooling account for 17% of that pie, electricity for 15%. Even if you have already upgraded to 100% green electricity and a heat pump, you can save money by making your homes more efficient.

Take Action

One of our founding members saves almost $500/year by cutting her electricity use in half.  You can stop wasting money on your electric bill, too.

  • Contact for a free energy assessment. At no cost to you, they will install LED bulbs, a programmable thermostat and power strips to cut the “phantom load” of appliances which draw electricity even when they are not being used. If you do not have an Energy Star refrigerator, MassSave can haul away the old one, provided it still works, and give you a $50 gift card. MassSave may recommend that you insulate or air seal your home. As of February 2019, MassSave was offering to cover 75% of your insulation (100% if you meet income requirements). They will also air seal your home at no cost to you.
  • Read our guide to LED light bulb replacement, choose the right ones for you and replace ALL incandescent light bulbs in your home. Don't forget hallways and closets!
  • Wash clothes in cold water.
  • Hang clothes to dry.
  • Switch to an Energy Star dishwasher, and use the Quick Wash cycle.
  • Upgrade from a gas stove to an induction stove. These are 300 times more efficient than gas, 7 times more efficient than electric, and boil water 3 times times faster than gas. And they don’t emit 108 volatile organic compounds, some carcinogenic, as gas stoves do. See one in action at our Green House Fest!


If you have questions about making your home or business more energy efficient, please email us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help.

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