2021-2022 Legislative Session and Regulatory Processes

Mothers Out Front Massachusetts is campaigning for new legislation while ensuring the implementation of key parts of the Next-Generation Roadmap for Climate law we advocated for last session. Our members are developing relationships with their legislators and helping to move our priorities forward by asking them to attend briefings, to cosponsor bills and to champion them. See below for actions to take.

The Mothers Out Front Mass Campaign for Clean Heat, Clean Air legislative priorities are:

Clean Heat

We need large-scale solutions to transition our homes and buildings off fossil fuels to healthy, safe energy sources. We need state policy and investments by all levels of government to make this happen.

  • The Future of Heat Act S.2148 / H.3298 Sponsors: Ehrlich, Creem
  • Local Option for Building Electrification H.2167 / S.1333 Sponsors: Gouveia, Eldridge
  • Building Justice with Jobs Act H3365 / S2226 Sponsors: Robinson, Pacheco

Clean Air

We must halt the expansion of dirty energy facilities, which already place an unfair burden on nearby neighborhoods suffering toxic pollution and greater harm from Covid. 

  • Energy Facilities Siting Reform H3336 / S2135 Sponsors: Madaro, Boncore
  • Improve Indoor & Outdoor Air Quality for Communities Burdened by Transportation Pollution H2230 / ‌‌S1447 Sponsors: Barber‌, Connolly,‌ Jehlen‌ ‌

For talking points about these bills see the Clean Heat, Clean Air Priority Bills Fact Sheet.

During the cosponsorship period, which lasts until a bill is voted on by the committee it is assigned to, we are asking our legislators to cosponsor all the bills in the Mothers’ Agenda for a Livable Future. The Mothers’ Agenda is a collaboration between our Legislation & Regulation Team, the Clean Heat, Clean Air campaign and the Healthy Soil, Livable Future Action Group.**

You can learn about the Healthy Soil in this Fact Sheet as well as other endorsed bills:


**The five campaign bills are the statewide focus for Mothers Out Front Massachusetts throughout this legislative session. The MA Leadership Team, at the recommendation of the Legislation and Regulation Team and the Campaign Leadership Team, decided to combine the asks for cosponsorship for the convenience of our legislators to only have one meeting with Mothers Out Front constituents. 

Past Legislative Briefings

Mass Renews Alliance bills:

  • What: Legislative briefing on the Mass Renews Alliance bills, including the Building Justice with Jobs, H3365 / S2226, and Food Justice with Jobs, H967 / S495
  • When: June 8 at 2:00pm (previously scheduled in early May)
  • Why: Mothers Out Front supports large-scale solutions to transition our homes and buildings off fossil fuels to healthy, safe energy sources. We need state policies and investments to make this happen. We also know we must restore the health of our soil and the plants growing in it, to draw down carbon, nourish our families, and strengthen our communities.

Air Quality bill:

  • What: Legislative briefing on the Air Quality bill, H2230 / ‌‌S1447, filed by Senator Jehlen and Representatives Barber‌ and Connolly 
  • When: June 11th, at 10am
  • WhyMothers Out Front wants to halt the unfair burden on neighborhoods suffering toxic pollution and greater harm from Covid. 



Get Involved!

Attend Climate Action Calls


Know Your Legislators!

  • Find your State Legislators' phone numbers and email; look them up here. Once you've got their contact information, keep it handy on your phone or your fridge, and use it often! Our representatives rarely hear from their constituents more than once and a small group of Mothers can have a big impact by asking for their Rep to be a climate champion and checking back regularly to see what they did since you last talked. They work for us and our children, so get to know them.


Background on the Massachusetts Legislature

Slides on Meeting with Elected Officials

Get to know your legislator form


Mothers Shirt Up, Show Up, Speak Up!

And when we can't show up in person during a pandemic, we let our voices be heard in other ways.

Here is the video from Sonia Tenglad delivering our holiday message to the legislature as we waited in December 2020 for the Climate Bill Conference Committee to produce the bill.


Forty of us showed up to the hearing for H.2810, the carbon pollution fee and dividend bill.

With our allies, we created a buzz in the State House on January 14, 2020. Forty Mothers Out Front members and friends showed up for the hearing before the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy (TUE) and lobbying with our allies. Our Mothers panel made the environmental justice provisions in the bill vivid with personal stories by Connie Dawson, Agnieszka Rytych-Foster, and Sue Swanson. See the video here! 

Also, about 40 Mothers Out Front members submitted personal written testimony that you can read here.

Thank you to all for showing up and supporting the FUTURE Act hearing

Audrey Schulman from HEET has made a thank you gift for all of us in this 45 second video. Thank you to Sonja Tengblad, from our East Boston team, for your creative testimony and the soundtrack for this video!
Some highlights for those of you who weren't there:
  • The room was packed including about 100 from Mothers Out Front.
  • 37 people testified for the FUTURE Act
  • A bus came from Merrimack Valley with lots of folks from Lawrence and North Andover. Seven of them shared really powerful and moving testimony about their experiences over the last year.
  • 4 moms from Mothers Out Front testified
  • Boston Mayor Walsh testified in support of the FUTURE Act
  • Bill Akley, President of Eversource Gas testified after us and announced their plan for 3 geothermal microdistrict pilots.
  • If you want to see the 5 hours of testimony here is the video of the whole hearing.



Showing Up to Shape the Laws that will Determine Our Children's Future - Environmental Justice

Mothers Out Front was well represented at the State House on June 4th, 2019 thanks to twenty members who were able to shirt up and show up. We were there to support one of our legislative priorities, Environmental Justice. The bills were heard by the Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture Committee; the room was packed and the testimony was lively. The legislators saw that we walk our talk. 

Thanks also to the Legislative Team, the Environmental Justice Team, and staff members who worked together to get the word out with short notice. 


What we did in January 2019

All the bills for the 2019-2020 legislative session are filed by our Representatives in the House this month. There's a mad rush to get as many Reps to cosponsor each bill before the deadline of February 3rd. Our goal is for every Community Team to meet with the Rep/s in their town, to introduce them to Mothers Out Front if they're a new Rep, and to ask them to cosponsor our two priority bills.

Learn how to run a Mothers Out Front lobbying meeting, and the exciting details of the carbon pricing and the FUTURE bills, and how to lobby your legislators the MOF way in these webinars:

Lobby Days

  • Thursday January 24th 11-3:00pm. Mass Power Forward Lobby Day
  • Tuesday January 29th time tba. Clean Energy Future (carbon pricing coalition) Lobby Day.


This page is brought to you by the Mass Mothers Out Front Legislation Team:

Andra Rose, Ania Camargo, Ann Berwick, Bee Jay Baatz, Ed Woll, Ellie Goldberg, Hewon Hwang, Judy Leff, Marilyn Ray Smith, Mary Hutton, Melissa Downes, Nancy Clark, Peggy Duesenberry, Sharon deVos, Sue Swanson, Tanya Larkin, Zeyneb Magavi

For information, questions or to get involved, contact Andra at [email protected]

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