Mass MOF Legislative Team

Massachusetts Mothers Out Front is championing three legislative priorities:

  • Environmental Justice

  • Carbon Pricing 

  • Future of Gas

Follow the links below for resources about the bills associated with each issue area. You will find a growing selection of materials on our priorities, including bill summaries, talking points and FAQs. 

1. Environmental Justice (click here)

  • The cornerstone bill is An Act Relative to Environmental Justice (EJ) and Toxics Reduction in the Commonwealth (H.761/S.464), sponsored by Reps Miranda and Dubois, and Senator Eldridge. The Act would codify the environmental justice policy of the State government, make public hearings accessible to non-English speakers and establish a fund for developing environmental projects in EJ communities, among other provisions.

2. Carbon Pricing (click here) 

  • Rep Jennifer Benson’s bill, which creates a fair price on carbon emissions in the transportation and heating sectors, and other retail use of fossil fuels.

3. FUTURE of Gas (click here) 

  • Rep Lori Ehrlich’s bill, which focuses on transitioning the gas utilities to selling renewable heat (FUTURE is an acronym: For a Utility Transition to Using Renewable Energy).  

Mass Power Forward Priorities

We also are also supporting the 100% Renewable bill and the Transportation Climate Initiiave bill prioritized by Mass Power Forward (MPF) and we join them as a member organization in lobbying. Here is the information MPF created for the January Lobby Day


Now that the co-sponsor rush is over, what are we doing?

We will be asking for supportive legislators to step up and champion our priority issues

  • We're developing up to date resources for lobbying
  • You'll be hearing soon about opportunities to learn more about the EJ legislation, the Future bill, and Carbon Pricing.
  • Community Teams may be organizing legislative actions in collaboration with the Legislative Team

We will be endorsing other bills

  • We're always interested in other bills our members want us to consider endorsing. Please contact Andra with suggestions and questions,


Sign up for Action Alerts 

Know Your Legislators!

  • Find your State Legislators' phone numbers and email; look them up here. Once you've got their contact information, keep it handy on your phone or your fridge, and use them often! Our representatives rarely hear from their constituents more than once and a small group of Mothers can have a big impact by asking for their Rep to be a climate champion and checking back regularly to see what they did since you last talked. They work for us and our children, so get to know them.


Background on the Massachusetts Legislature

Coalitions MOF Works with on Legislation


What we did in January

All the bills for the 2019-2020 legislative session are filed by our Representatives in the House this month. There's a mad rush to get as many Reps to cosponsor each bill before the deadline of February 3rd. Our goal is for every Community Team to meet with the Rep/s in their town, to introduce them to Mothers Out Front if they're a new Rep, and to ask them to cosponsor our two priority bills.

Learn how to run a Mothers Out Front lobbying meeting, and the exciting details of the carbon pricing and the FUTURE bills, and how to lobby your legislators the MOF way in these webinars:

Lobby Days

  • Thursday January 24th 11-3:00pm. Mass Power Forward Lobby Day, RSVP here.
  • Tuesday January 29th time tba. Clean Energy Future (carbon pricing coalition) Lobby Day.


This page is brought to you by the Mass MOF Legislation Team:

Andra Rose, Ania Camargo, Ann Berwick, Bee Jay Baatz, Carol Chamberlain, Carol Walker, Connie Dawson, Ed Woll, Ellie Goldberg, Elizabeth Cooper, Eugenia Gibbons,  Marilyn Ray Smith, Mary Hutton, Melissa Downes, Nancy Clark, Sue Swanson, Susan Lees, Zeyneb Magavi

For information, questions or to get involved, contact Andra at

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