Mothers witness 100+-year-old Tree Removal at Walden Pond

Mothers Out Front from Concord (Carolyn Wilkins) and Acton (Judith Aronstein) are #inthenews reporting a gas leak at Walden Pond, thought to contribute to the death of a 100+-year-old tree, which was removed.

“It’s a clear and overpowering gas leak,” Carolyn Wilkins of the Concord chapter of Mothers Out Front said minutes before a huge crane removed the tree in pieces.

Mothers Out Front is an environmental activism organization seeking to have gas leaks plugged. It cites scientific studies showing methane gas is harmful to the environment.

National Grid has said there are 126 natural gas leaks in Concord. All but three, including the leak near the white pine at Walden Pond, are classified as Grade 3, which pose the least risk of combustion."

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