Mothers' Local Youth Climate Strike Toolkit



Millions across the world are mobilizing to take part in the September global climate strike and week of escalation. On Friday, September 20, young people planned to walk out of school to disrupt business as usual and to demand that world/local leaders take action to respond to the climate crisis. As mothers and parents, we are ready to support their leadership and call to action in the ways suggested below.


Why an organizing toolkit:

As mothers, we have connections to other moms, parents, grandparents and caretakers. We need to grow the number of parents fighting for and alongside young people,if we want to preserve all children’s future. We are offering these resources and ideas for your teams and others to educate new parents and hold climate conversations leading up to September 20 and during the week of climate actions, September 20-September 27. We hope the resources outlined here will:


  • Turn out moms and others to the September 20 Youth Climate Strike, and youth-led community events happening during September 20- 27. 


  • Provide support to Mothers Out Front members and others to reach out to new moms and parents at playgrounds, school functions, and sporting events during the back-to-school season.


  • Support the leadership of young people by generating community conversations with new moms and others about why young people are calling us to action.


Resources in this toolkit:


How can your teams/others take action?

  • Host a parent teach-in/small group discussion with other moms from your child’s school, day care or neighborhood using the Discussion Guide
  • Host an Art Build using the ideas shared in the Art Build kit or create your own art and display it in public spaces to have climate conversations with community members.
  • Wear the button—“Care about the climate and kids? Lets’ talk”—at back-to-school functions to inspire conversation about why young people are striking or to invite interested parents to your teach-in, ArtBuild or community event.
  • Build participation in the Boston Climate Strike by asking each member of your team to bring 3 moms/others with them. RSVP here to attend the Boston Youth Climate Strike.
  • Ask youth in your community what support they need for local school strike events.
  • Find out how you can speed the transition to clean energy in your local community. Consider joining our campaign for Electric School Buses. CLICK HERE to learn more about this campaign. 
  • Post any of the resources in the toolkit on your team’s Facebook page or share with new moms & follow Mothers Out Front on Facebook or Twitter to learn about fast-breaking opportunities for actions.


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